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Procrastination Is Good Essay Research Paper Procrastination

Procrastination Is Good Essay, Research Paper

Procrastination is the key to success

The literal definition of procrastinating is, to put off intentionally the doing of

something that should be done; to postpone or delay. I personally am a procrastinator as

are most of my friends. When I start an essay more than a week before it is due,

I can never think of a quality topic to write about. If I wait until one or two days before,

that is when I get some of my best ideas. Most people think that procrastination is a bad

thing, but it is actually good because of original ideas, the adrenaline rush, and less

worrying time.

Parents and teachers say that procrastinating on an essay is bad because the

student is rushed and there is not as much time to check for errors. That is not true at all.

The student who procrastinates will actually sit and get it done if they know they have to.

Someone who starts their essay a week before it is due will have a harder time

concentrating and finding a good topic for it than someone who procrastinates. For

example, most of the guys in fourth period English waited to start their essay’s a few days

before it was due. This is because they knew that they would not be able to come up with

a good topic until then. Therefore, the person starting earlier would not produce as deep

of insights as the procrastinator because they either are not concentrating or they picked

any old banal topic that popped into there head. Another example is David Haley, he

delays starting his essay so he can get more ideas before finally deciding on a topic. David

waits as long as possible for new ideas to come to him so he has more options and can

chose the best ones. Thus proving that procrastinating lets you come up with an ideal

topic for your essay. Procrastination can also cause a person to be pressured. However

this is not a bad thing, some people actually work better under pressure. The pressure can

cause a person to concentrate and think of new, original ideas. Most procrastinators stay

up late the night before causing them to experience a kind of adrenaline rush.

Sometimes when a person finally gets around to doing whatever it was they put

off, they get an adrenaline rush. Adrenaline causes people to stretch themselves to the

limits and do superhuman things that are not normally possible. It is the same with

procrastinating. People come up with ideas or get stuff done more quickly than they

would have if they had started it earlier. For Example, Bernie Francis can go Christmas

shopping two weeks before Christmas and not be able to find the right presents for people,

then go shopping on Christmas Eve and find everything in a short amount of time.On

Christmas Eve, Bernie knew he was running out of time and it gave him a rush. Yet

another example of how procrastinating is beneficial. Another way to say it is, if an athlete

gets an adrenaline rush, they will play harder than if they are calm. This also applies to

procrastination; if someone waits until the last day to do something they will try harder to

finish. A person that starts early will be calm, therefore less productive because they are

not trying as hard. Procrastination causes adrenaline rushes which can help you when it is

late at night and there is still work to be done.

Procrastination on homework can be tremendously helpful to a student.

Putting it off will give a student more time to do other fun, and less important things.

Once in a while, if enough people put off doing there homework, the teacher will give

extra time to finish the assignment. This does not happen often, but there is always the

possibility. Many procrastinators will delay doing their homework until the next day. This

is actually easier than doing it at home by yourself. If you wait until the next day, you can

ask someone who has already finished the assignment for help . A lot of people that

procrastinate, stay up late and lose sleep. Loss of sleep is also good because it makes the

next day go by faster. That is extremely good if there is school that day. Homework is

easier when you procrastinate.

Procrastination is good, even though many people do not realize it. It is less

stressful to wait than it is to start early. Better results are produced by a procrastinator.

They are usually some of the better students. Why worry about it, let the ideas come to

you, just procrastinate.