Compare Society W Brave New W Essay

Compare Society W/ Brave New W Essay, Research Paper

What society should learn from the book, Brave New World is that discrimination is

experienced by just about everyone in one form or another. That life could be much

better for everyone if we could look past differences and work together to achieve a

society in which everyone is content. In the Brave New World there is a vision of Utopia

among the people. They are conditioned to be happy and content in their positions in

society. Jealousy, racism and sexism are not issues.

Today s society is full of hatred, racism, sexism and classism. People judge

others based on appearance or social class. If we could somehow focus on the goal of

happiness and help and use others to obtain this perhaps reachable goal. Happiness has

been and always will be a controversial goal. True happiness as far as I see it is

unobtainable. No matter what advances we make, there is always cravings for more. We

see this in the book with Bernard who received praise from just about everyone in society

for discovering and bringing back the savage. His new found lifestyle goes straight to his

head and he begins to converse with high society controllers and directors, which he

never could before. He dives head first into the lifestyle which he used to dispise.

Having different girls every other night, using them like meat , which he criticized the

other men of doing to Lenina. Eventually it all caught up to him and he fell d0own hard.

In the book they were able to achieve a society, well on paper, where everyone

was content. Due to there conditioning, they had no worries. The lower caste society

knew of no better life. They were happy and the higher caste societies were happy

because they were more educated and well respected by the lower classes. If ever they

became depressed or angry or just bored, there was Soma, the perfect drug.

All of this was achieved because after a major war called A Years War , people

were willing to cooperate with anything just to get a sane and peaceful life back. They

put aside discrimination and hate and worked together to obtain a society in which

everyone had the opportunity to be happy, no matter your ethnic background or social


To an outsider like John, the Brave New World is disturbing. They are not

accustomed to the way of life. Therefore they do not understand what it is like to be a

part of the community. The people in the Brave New World are conditioned to perform a

certain job. This keeps society running smoothly like a well oiled machine. The people

are happy and are working together to keep that happiness.

Although today s society has no perfect drug or a specific job for each individual.

It has opportunities to be comfortable and happy if you find the right environment. If

people took from this book, the sense that by helping others your helping yourself, than

society could become a place where hatred, racism and sexism don t play a big role in

everyday life.


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