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Comparison Bloods Johnny Got His Gun Hollow

Comparison: Bloods, Johnny Got His Gun, Hollow Man. Essay, Research Paper

This essay is about the experiences? that soldiers faced during the W.W.I and the Vietnam War, which in Johnny got his gun, written by Dolton Trombone, Bloods edited by Wallace Terry, ?Hollow man? an essay written by Michael Norman are great sources about the tragic events during the wars. First of all in Johnny Got His Gun, its about man named Joe, who is a victim of war. Secondly, Bloods is three different people point of view of the Vietnam war, the first one is fighting in war, the second one is a prisoner at war, the third one is back home. Lastly, ?Hollow Man? is a perspective of a man who leads is troop into fighting. In conclusion, they all have one thing in common and which is that they hate the war.

In Johnny Got His Gun, is a novel about a man named Joe, who is a victim of war. While fighting at war a shell it him and it took its arm, legs face all of his senses. The only thing left is his mind, he use it to keep track of time and most important to communicate with the outside but nobody seemed to understand him. During a period of time he would remember what he has done, and he would refer to holidays he spent with his family, also the girls he slept with and other personal things he has been through. The first thing he did was trying to figure out what was going and wrong with him, when he realize he was practically dead he tried to use morse code, by tapping with his head but no one understood but the holiday nurse like this he could try to save mankind by telling them what war is really like. In conclusion he hated the war he could not find a reason good enough to kill so many people.

In Bloods, there are three perspectives. One of them is when he is fighting at war, he went into war with a friend, as he fighting, and he sees a lot of people dyeing a front of him it does not appeal to him until his friends dies, that?s when he realize he could be next. As the days goes by he is scared of dying, he started shaking which he could not stop, so then he started to take drugs. Also he realize that two of his dream came true, and which is third dream was that he was going to die, so that?s when he decided to leave and head back home. The second man was captured and was in prison, it was a horrible experience, the Vietnamese did not provide the prisoners with facilities, and they would not speak a front of the prisoners scared they might learn the language. He and the rest of the prisoners could send any mail with out being check by the Vietnamese (which in most case they would not send it). Leaving there was horrible. The last one, when coming back from the war, he explains how he couldn?t work in school because the war was still in his mind and he could not think straight (a war victim) people look at him like he was a freak. Could not get a job because the only thing he knew was to put a gun together, he join a war club, where they all talk about their experience and treat each other as family members. In conclusion all of them hated the war, they where victim?s of war just like Joe (from Johnny Got His Gun)

?Hollow man?, is an essay about a man leading is troop into war. He hated the war, he even said, ?I hated the war, I have hated the war since the day I walked off the battlefield?(by Michael Norman). He remembers? all of the tragic sick things he saw at war, bloody guts, he has turned the war into a human been. He can not get over what he saw, he was afraid. Also he did not feel anything he was hollow inside. He also had a career and he was successful at it but the war experience affects his life. In conclusion during the war he saw things that scared him, now he is affected by it, he is a victim of war.

Briefly, they all were victims of war and despite the war. Johnny Got His Gun, is briefly about a man who as been hit by a shell and he became a victim of war. Bloods, is about three perspectives of war and all are victims of war. ?Hollow man?, is a victim of war to he came back from war and couldn?t do anything, but talk about war. What Bloods and ?Hollow man? have in common is that they both came back form war asking to be love. Johnny Got His Gun and Bloods what they in common is that they were both tortured by keeping them from community. Also Johnny Got His Gun and ?Hollow man? what they had in common was that they felt empty and were angry with those who started the war. Briefly they all came out of the war as victims and they will never be the same again for the rest of their life.