Mary ShellyS Frankenstein Essay Research Paper The

Mary Shelly?S Frankenstein Essay, Research Paper

The Monster’s Human Nature

In the Christian religion, I was taught that if a man who has never heard or learned of God commits a sin, this man goes to hell. Who was there to tell this man that what he did was a sin and he is going to hell to pay for this? Because the Bible says God created us with the ability to reason, this man has to figure ut right and wrong on his own. As does the “monster” in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. When victor created his marvelous person, he ran at the sight of his creation. This was a breakthrough in science and history. Victor could have made himself the most famous person in history and science if he would have taught and educated the “monster” like a normal human being. He was a scientist. Surely the tissue and organs are much more ugly than seeing his creation alive. Why did Victor run is the question.

Victor literally ran from a baby in a man’s body, and left him to fend for himself. The “monster” had to learn everything a normal person learns from their parent on his own. Consequently, the “monster” made some wrong decisions along his way. He tried to do good, but one look at his face and nothing mattered to anyone but to run for his/her life. Because Victor made him so ugly, nobody gave him a chance to be friendly or normal. If Victor had taught people to accept the “monster” for what he is to science and mankind, everything would have turned out good. Victor would have been named the creator of life and the “monster” would not have done the wrong things he did.

Hollywood has the same view as Victor did towards his creation. Almost all movies done about Frankenstein’s “monster” portray him as a monster who will murder you with the swipe of a fist. That’s what most people would think at the site of him. But what if he talked to you like an educated man. Is he still a monster? Nobody viewed the “monster” like this. Just a look, and then run for your life. In doing this, you are only following human nature. Being a scientist, Victor should have known this and been prepared. Instead he followed human nature and rejected the “monster” because he was ugly.

When the monster knew he was different and alone in the world, he decided someone should pay for this. And who better to pay for the “monster’s” infinite solitude but Victor. This is when the monster starts harming and killing victors family. The “monster” did do good to others for he only hated Victor and what he did to him. These are the only bad things that the “monster” really did. He just didn’t want to be alone and harming Victor’s family was the only way he knew how to get what he wanted.

Victor didn’t do anything wrong by the way he used technology or even the way he emulated God. Where he fell wrong was leaving the “monster” alone in the world by following man’s predisposition to not accept anything that is severely different from him. Victor did the creating part of a parent, but left the learning up to his creation to figure out.

September 01, 2000


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