Murder Rape And DNA Essay Research Paper

Murder, Rape, And DNA Essay, Research Paper

Murder, Rape, and DNA

Jonathan Dewees

February 16, 1997

DNA is the information needed by a cell in order to reproduce an

identical offspring. In some crimes detectives have no evidence or fingerprints

to tell who had committed a crime. Now there is a way of finding who has

committed the crime by a method called DNA Typing. DNA Typing is finding

bacteria or blood on clothing or skin and amplifying the gene. This process was

pioneered in the 1980’s by a Scientist named Alec Jeffreys.

If blood, sperm, or any other human cells are left at the scene of a

crime, the DNA in the cells can be analyzed and compared with some DNA taken

from the suspect’s blood. If they match, this information and testimony of a

scientist can be used to convict a rapist or murderer.

In the O.J. Simpson case DNA Typing was used. There was blood found

on various areas at the crime scene. The investigators gathered the evidence,

and took it to the laboratory where it was analyzed. The jury determined that

the samples were contaminated because of the way they were handled.

DNA Typing is not perfect. There are many loop holes in it. An example

is the O.J. Simpson trial. During the process the DNA may be tampered with or


In most rape cases DNA Typing is used by taking semen off the body of

clothes then amplifying the genes. The machine that copies the DNA is called

the PCR. The DNA is then cut and placed the wells in trays. PCR copies the

small pieces of DNA. It is performed by a blotting process. This process has

21 different catogories.

Other tests include those for tracing genetic diseases within families,

finding the genes that cause genetic diseases. DNA Typing can also prove the

relationship with families.

DNA Typing is becoming more common than ever. This process is helping

to free convicted people of crimes they may not have committed by taking samples

of the prisoners DNA and comparing it with the evidence left at the crime scene.


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