A Room Full Of Children Essay Research

A Room Full Of Children Essay, Research Paper

A room full ao children; to get to this room, you must go through the church entrance, take a right turn,

go up the stairs and at the end of the hallway see two doors to thai room. Some of the kids seem to like going through the first door, but there are some kids who go through the secound door to get to the back seats first. As the children go in this room thier faces beam with joy as if they were for the first time in a movie theater. The teacher greets them one by one with a smile and a “God Bless You” how are you doing this morning?

The classroom has about 20 metal chairs, 4 rows across and 5 rows going down. There a teacher’s desk with a metal chair, and a green colored blackboard. Around the room there are a couple of things that cached my eye, like the different colored hearts on the walls with the kid’s names on them. There are also five different clipboarsd; one of them has the Ten Commandments. Another has the Lord’s Prayer that is on Mathew 6:9-13; another has the 66 books from the Bible listed in order, and the last one has different pictures of men and womenfrom the Bible. There is also a cabinet that the teacher puts her supplies in like chalk, crayons, and books.

A room full of children, some quiet some very noisy. Their ages run from 7-11, but there is one little boy that i think is about one. There are also two little girls age 2 and one boy age 4 who came up to me and told me that i look pretty today. A motivated teacher is trying to show the kids how to play out a song for Friday’s service. they stay stilland listen to what the teacher has to say. “please shut up and lift your hands up and lets praise the Lord” screams out the teacher. All the children just lifts up their hands and scream “Hallelujah!”

A little 2-year old girl looks dazzled as she observes her sister sing and play out the fast beat song. Once the kids learn the steps it looks and sounds so beautiful like angels in harmony, but once the music stops and the song finished some kids get excited, while others get frustrated because they didn’t do the steps right. The teacher smiles as she looks upon three little ones sitting on the floor with crayons and coloring books while others just sing and dance around them. All these kids, dressed so very neatly especially the girl in the first row with the pink an white dress and many little barettes on her hair. She sits up so proudly as if she knows she looks prettier then everybody in the room.

So many kids, about 20, and their parents come to this room in this church to learn about God and to connect with their spirital self. Many still do not understand why they come here, but they do not really care because most of them are just having fun in Sunday school.

As i observed these kids it made me fill happy, because i too went to Sunday school when i was a little girl and i believe that what you teach your kids today they will grow up to be tomorrow.


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