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Time And Life Essay Research Paper TIME

Time And Life Essay, Research Paper


The wind whistled through the half pipes as my brother and I took our

Skateboards into the skate park. I it was for us to be going skating on a

cold winter

morning but we were bored and my brother Jason had come back from the Navy

after six years and he wanted to have some fun with me before he went away to

Australia. The cold winter wind beat down on our backs sending a chill down


spines. As I was pretty new to skate boarding, I had brought my helmet,


etc but my brother Ravi was all empty except for his skateboard. He came like

this because he much experienced and he was kind of a showoff. The half pipes

were pretty slippery after the nights rain. I started to have this feeling of

dread in

me but I didn?t know why so I just kept shut and did what Ravi wanted me to


Ravis navy experience had given him the speed and muscles and I was no match

in front of him. As usual we started off with the smaller slopes and we


increased the height as time went by. As we were skating Ravi kept bugging me

to show the new tricks I had learnt while he was away. I wasn?t feeling


about the idea but I did it to keep his heart but I said after I am done he

has to

show me his tricks and he said sure.

The tricks I had were the basic ones but if you want to see the pros doing

it you should watch Ravi, he was an expert. While I was doing my tricks he


calling me cheap stake. All I wanted right know was to tease him when he did


stuff. After a while his turn came and he was doing all this tight tricks

that my

mouth was hanging wide open. After some tricks he said that he was going for


finisher and that I better watch it carefully. I was like sure. All I saw was

that he

went up in the air, did a 540 degree turn and started to come down but he was

down head first. What I was thinking was that he was about to do something


As I watched him he came down head first hitting the floor with a loud thump.

My eyes were about to pop out as saw him lying there. I ran him and all he


was goodbye bro, I am sorry. My eyes were the like Niagara Falls it never

stopped. My only brother whom I had seen after so many years was no more. The

time we could have spent together was no where to be seen. His body was lying

lifeless in my lap and it was like the whole world was over. There was so


things that we could have shared.

This what had happened to Jason in the play Medea by Euripedes. Jason

had spent his battling and conquering places that he didn?t have time to


with his son. And when he wanted to have his sons, you could say that the


ran out for him. As like me he had so many things he wanted to share with his

son?s. For a normal human being, they should take for granted coz it just

not that

way. You have find your own way through with some sacrifices. You will get

something after give something . Time is an important factor is deciding the


of life a person will live. The time he makes a decision is the key. If he

makes a

decision a second before it may change his whole life forever.