Scarface Essay Research Paper In 1980 Fidel

Scarface Essay, Research Paper

In 1980, Fidel Castro sent hundreds of thousands of Cubans from his country on rafts to America. Castro not only sent everyday people to America on boats; he used this as a chance to clear out his crowded jail cells. There was an estimated 25,000 former Cuban inmates that arrived in Florida. Tony Montana is one of the masses of criminals sent by Cuba to America. His only chance to get a green card was to kill Rebenga, a former political leader from Cuba. Montana had no trouble executing the former communist leader. Tony moves to Miami and agrees to do a job for a big time cocaine dealer, Frank Lopez. Frank noticed the good job Tony did for him and in turn wants Montana to continue working for him. Lopez sends him to Bolivia to work on a deal with Sosa, their cocaine supplier. While there Tony seizes an opportunity to go into business for himself.

Tony shoots his way to the top of a drug crime family, killing both friend and foe alike. Finally after murdering his boss and marrying his boss’s girlfriend, he’s crowned drug kingpin. Tony starts having legal problems and rather than do time, his supplier Sosa offered to take care of the court case if Tony would take an assassin with him to New York to eliminate one of his enemies. This was the begging of the end for Tony Montana. The man who was supposed to be eliminated had his wife and kids in the car with him. Tony was against killing women and children but the assassin wouldn?t listen to him; so Tony shot him. Tony’s decline was caused by his twisted sense of brotherhood. When Sosa learned of this he was furious. He sent a small army of men to Tony?s home to kill him. Tony didn?t go down easy, but in the end he still went down.

Drugs in this movie portrayed money and power. Whoever distributed the drugs had control of the others around him who didn?t. The main goal of many characters in this movie was to get people under you so they can do your dirty work. All major characters in this movie were obsessed with money drugs, and women. Tony?s philosophy was: ?First you get the money, then you get the power, and then you get the women.

The unhealthy messages about drugs conveyed in this movie suggest that they are a quick way to make cash but can ultimately be someone?s downfall. Tony?s drug control led to other problems. He couldn?t get his money laundered from his normal banker because the more money Tony gave the banker, the higher the interest charge he would receive in return. Tony?s best friend set up a meeting with a different banker; who happened to be an undercover police officer. Drugs are also portrayed as a way to get women. Elvira, the woman of Tony?s obsession, went from one boyfriend to another based on who could supply her cocaine addiction.

In one particular scene Frank tells Tony the two key rules to success in the drug business. Rule number one is to ?never underestimate the other guys greed.? Rule number two is to ?never get high on your own supply.? This came back to haunt Tony because later in the movie Frank hired two hitters to take Tony out right during a performance by octavio the clown. Just when octavio was waddling around the stage, the hitters opened fire. Luckily for Tony, they weren’t great shots. Tony managed to evade them and escaped through the door. Tony knew it was Frank. The only thing to do was to strike back. So, he went right over to Frank’s. Frank denied any involvement. He said it was the Diaz brothers. Tony wasn’t fooled and Frank cracked. He admitted to what he did and knelt down and groveled at Tony’s feet. Tony ordered his death. The last scene was the most memorable because Tony had crossed Sosa, the powerful cocaine supplier and Sosa sent his army to execute Tony. Tony was so doped up on cocaine that he took seven or eight shots in the chest and didn?t feel any pain. He made the statement: ?Your bullets can?t hurt me.? It took a shotgun blast in the back to finally kill Tony. Tony?s death was as violent as his life.

I would definitely recommend this movie to others, especially if they?re the kind of person who enjoys violent, action-packed movies. Scarface was very realistic and shows how a Cuban refugee could have climbed up ladder to become a very powerful drug dealer. This film was very violent and bloody. Compared to some films today, the violence isn?t as bad as people thought it was in 1983. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Tony?s friend Angel is getting cut into pieces with a chainsaw. The blood splatters everywhere. The music in this film sometimes seemed lifeless and boring. When you take into consideration that it was made almost eighteen years ago, the music doesn?t sound too bad. I think Frank Lopez?s first rule of how to succeed applies to every aspect of your business life. Because no matter how bad you may want something, there?s always going to be someone else who wants it more than you.


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