Watership Down 2 Essay Research Paper Watership

Watership Down 2 Essay, Research Paper

Watership Down as Good Literature

Watership Down, by Richard Adams, is considered good literature because of the literary techniques and because of the plot. Several literary techniques are used to pull the reader in and the plot is a well constructed to hold their attention.

Watership Down’s plot is an interesting story of all the hardships that a few rabbits have to overcome to find a new home. They leave the safety of their warren and set out across unknown land to find a new home.

Watership Down is filled with personification. Adams wanted to try to give the reader an understanding into the life of rabbits. During the book he goes into explanation of certain things that rabbits do and why they do them.

A major part of Watership Down are the many antagonists that the rabbits have to overcome. This plays a big role in the book because the book is about the rabbits being faced with obstacles that stand in the way with their new warren. The antagonists are other rabbits, nature, and themselves. After they have been traveling for a while, they start to doubt if they can make it much farther. Most of the rabbits think it was a bad idea and want to quit. Soon they start fighting with each other. In the midst of all this they are in a strange place of which they know nothing. They have no shelter from the weather or from their enemies and they unsure about some of the plants to eat. Soon they find a suitable place to live, but they have no female rabbits to reproduce. They lure does away from a neighboring warren, but the chief rabbit does not want them to leave. He sends his guards to fetch the does and they attack the new warren. The rabbits have to defend themselves and repel the attack.

Watership Down is good literature because of the techniques used by Richard Adams. He pulls you into the story and makes it interesting with the way he tells it. Watership Down will continue as a favorite of many for several generations to come.


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