Persuasian Paper Abortion Issue Essay Research Paper

Persuasian Paper, Abortion Issue Essay, Research Paper

If You Choose Freedom, There Is Only One Choice

It is not surprising that abortion is an issue debated heatedly, as it calls us to question our moral beliefs on a very personal issue. With both pro-life and pro-choice factions zealously protecting their stance, it would be easy to opt out of the decision. Perhaps particularly for groups for whom it may not be an immediate personal issue (such as males or females past child-bearing age), it may seem an argument not worth investing in. However, when put in the context of personal liberty, it is an issue that effects the quality of life for all Americans.

Pro-life supporters argue that human life begins at conception and intentionally ending this life is equivalent to murder. They concede that in some cases abortion may be acceptable, such as when pregnancy is due to rape or incest or if continued pregnancy threatens the health or life of the mother or child. The majority of pro-life supporters believe that abortion is a sin against God, and in extreme cases, murdering the murderer is the lesser of two evils. In this way of thinking murders have been committed. Abortion clinics have been bombed, killing the abortion-seekers and the abortionists, but also innocent bystanders such as office staff or friends, present to offer support to the patient. This defies logic. If the objective is to allow a higher power (above and beyond government) the ultimate control over life, how can taking a life fulfill this objective?

The debate over scientifically proving at what exact point human life begins is not helpful in dissuading pro-choice supporters. When life technically begins, from conception to birth, is irrelevant to a person who believes every United States citizen is guaranteed freedom of religion and the right to choose what to do with her own body. When we legislate that citizens be restrained from making choices for their own body, we set precedent for government to intervene in all of our personal health issues. When we allow blurring of the boundary between religion and state, we are infringing on the desire for freedom that founded America. If population becomes a problem, will we legislate restrictions for procreation?

The Pro-lifer’s stand that abortion may be acceptable in some cases is also irrelevant to the debate as the majority of abortions performed in the United States are for social reasons versus rape or health issues. This stance also is illogical. If the birth right of a woman’s unborn child resides with a higher spiritual power, why can this power be set aside in special circumstances?

If You Chose Freedom, There Is Only One Choice

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Presently, first-trimester abortion is legal in all states in the union, and the health risks associated with therapeutic abortion are minimal (less than one-percent), which is far safer than childbirth. Were abortions to become illegal, it is unlikely the number of abortions performed would decrease. However, because illegal abortions and the people performing them would not be monitored by any authority it is likely that risks and complications would increase dramatically. It is also likely that the cost of abortion would increase significantly, meaning the affluent would be able to obtain them, but the less privileged would be left having a child that will inevitably enter the welfare system. .

Pro-lifer’s do attempt to educate the public to their point of view. They are often seen picketing physicians’ offices where abortions are performed, which seems to incite passers-by to make a choice and then join the rally or complain. They also place women inside the office doors offering literature or discussion of abortion in a non-threatening and inviting way. If a woman was waffling in her choice she might be glad to have these women to talk with. However, it is unlikely a woman questioning her decision would be given pause by the loud pickiters with their frightening and angry imagery. Pro-life supporters also assert that there are homes for these unwanted babies. Even if this is true, it may not dissuade a woman from a decision to abort. Moreover, a woman in this situation is not likely to get this information from picketers on a busy streetway.

Planned Parenthood is a private, non-profit operation that has attempted to stay out of the debate and maintain its policy of giving unbiased information on birth-control, abortion, and adoption at no cost to anyone who asks. With both pro-life and pro-choice groups holding their forts, it is unlikely that this debate will end soon, or once decided, that the decision will remain unchallenged for long. However, both groups could probably agree that the less loss of life, however you define that life, the better. And the more education and birth control devices we allocate our young people, the less likely they will be to have to make a choice.


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