Ufo Essay Research Paper A UFO is

Ufo Essay, Research Paper

A UFO is an unidentified flying object. Many people believe them to be small saucer

looking objects in the sky and other believe differently, but to tell you the truth many different kinds of

UFO’s have been seen soaring the skies in the day but most commonly in the night. They are most

often seen at night because of the many lights that people claim to see illuminating from these

hovering objects in the sky. There are many different reasons, doctors say, why people claim they have

seen these “flying saucers”.

“Disorder called sleep paralysis, result of disconnect between brain and body as person is

on fringe of sleep , is now believed to affect nearly half of all people at least once, and it may help

explain some bizarre claims of witch attacks or alien abductions”, says doctor Kazuhiko Fukuda (Kristof, 1).

Most doctors on cases say they find that most of the people claiming to have been abducted by aliens

were either lying or have experienced a dream that just felt so real that they assumed it was true. Sleep

paralysis was once thought to be very rare. But recent studies show that in the United States and Canada

that it may strike at least 40 to 50 percent of all people at least once.

The air force made public its report on the famous 1947 incident in New Mexico desert near Roswell

that is at the heart of claims by ufo fans that aliens visited earth nad that has become a celebrated

part of american popular culture. The report says that the evidence was just a mirage. The air force

says that the crash dummies and high altitude balloons were embelished over the decades into false

evidence of aliens. More than 100,000 sky watchers and conspiracy theorists are expected to visit

Roswell for the celebration of the incidents 50th anniversary during the first week of July.

“Under growing pressure from true believers and curious congressmen, the air force in February

1994 began to investigate just what took place many decades ago. A 23 page report made a public

in September 1994 said the islvery wreckage in the desert had been part of a top-secret system of

atomic espionage. That admission made the 1947 story about weather balloon a white lie. Carried

into the atmosphere by balloon, the spy sensors listened for weak reverberations from soviet

nuclear blasts half a world away.”(Broad, 3).

But the 1994 report said nothing of the extraterrestrial beings, who of the Roswell crash number

between 2 and 8, dead and sometimes alive. The air force found nothing in the balloon saga to account for

the reports of aliens, so it was ignored and only later came up with detailed and intriguing

explanation. The new report was written by James McAndrew an intelligence officer assigned to the

Secretary of the air force declassification and review team. Its 231 pages are designed to go beyond

the 1994 report by revealing more about federal work in the desert and examining what inspired

sightings of not only alien artifacts but of the extraterrestrials themselves.


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