Life Goes On Essay Research Paper Steel

Life Goes On Essay, Research Paper

?Steel Magnolias?

We all have problems in our life, but some how life goes on.

If you were to lose your closest friend, family member, or a loved one would

you have the strength to go on? Steel Magnolias is a great example of just that. Maline, is

a mother in this movie that has to suffer the tragedy of losing her only daughter. Shelby is

the name of Maline?s daughter. Shelby was a diabetic and wasn?t physically able to

withstand giving birth. She was told by her family and doctors that it wasn?t worth

taking the risk. Shelby had this to say about the whole thing, ? I?d rather have 30 minutes

of joy than a life time of nothing.? She uses that to explain to her mother Maline that she

was going to take the risk of having a baby no matter how steep the risk was!

We all take a risk or two in our life time. It can either pay off meaning you gain

something, or end up a tragedy meaning you lose something. Unfortunately Maline did

lose some thing, she lost her one and only daughter. Throughout the whole movie, certain

aspects make Maline stand out as a strong big hearted women that held her daughter as

her highest priority. Maline new in her heart that when Shelby had gotten pregnant it could

only end bloody for her.

Shelby gave birth to a beautiful young healthy baby boy. Which they named Jack

Jr. after the fraternal father Jack. Shelby finally did get the one and only thing that meant

the most to her. Everything seemed to go well for Shelby and her family until right around

Jack Jr?s first birthday. I suppose it was Halloween night because Shelby was just about to

take Jack Jr. to go trick or treating when she suddenly fainted and fell into a coma. Jack

came home to a hysterical Jack Jr. only to find out the reason he was crying was because

of his mom. Shelby never awoke from the coma they pulled the plug sometime later at the


It did end bloody for Shelby, the pregnancy took a unforgiving toll on

her. It did nothing but deteriorate her body. Not even a kidney transplant, which her mom

donated to Shelby could keep her from destiny. It just goes to show you that God can

take us at anytime, we just have to live everyday to the fullest, and never take anything

for granted. Steel Magnolias is a great movie that really makes you take a look at what

you have and just be grateful. In the last five years I have lost my Nina, a Grandpa, and a

Grandma. I truly believe that in the saying, ?never take anything for granted.?


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