Immigration 2

Immigration’s Role In The Development Of The United States As A Nation Essay, Research Paper

In the beginning of our country, the first people to

settle in the United States were immigrants. They

came here for many different reasons, some for

riches, some for religious reasons, and some for

adventure. Not only did they come here for different

reasons, but they also came here from different

countries. Mostly the immigrants wanted a better

life for themselves and their families. An American

life was the immigrant s key to the success of this.

Immigration has played a vital role in the

development of the United States as a nation. By

allowing immigrants into the United States, we not

only create a diverse country, but also better the

lives of the individuals.

Immigration has created a diverse country. It

allows people who are diverse in culture, religion,

and race to become part of the United States. It also

allows them to keep their own values while

somewhat being changed by other people s. Over the

years the number of immigrants has increased

greatly. Thus creating more of a diverse country. The

citizens of today have come from many different

backgrounds of immigrants. Their culture has sprung

from many years of influence by the different types

of immigrants. Without immigration our country

would be plain as black and white, there would be no

diversity to spice it up.

When immigrants approach Ellis Island they are

overcome with emotions because they know that they

will finally be free. It takes perseverance and a

strong will to come to a country of a different

language and culture, only to start a new life. Some

of these immigrants come from a country that is in

war or just bad circumstances. Ellis Island is the

reception center for immigrants. Upon arriving, the

first sight the immigrants will see is the statue of

liberty. She represents freedom. These new citizens

to be have come to the United States to better their

lives. The United States gives them hope and promise

that they will find this here.

Immigrants in the United States create a diverse

country and better life for themselves. Having a

diverse culture proves the nickname, the great

American melting pot , to be true. Immigration is truly

important in each and everyone s life. Trace back the

generations of families and it is very evident that

immigration has affected their lives. Without

immigration the United States would be less

populated, have less technological advances, and

would definitely not be the same country that it is



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