The Japanese Family System Essay Research Paper

The Japanese Family System Essay, Research Paper

During the pre-war period, it was an obligation to look after ones parent when they became elderly and could no longer perform the daily tasks of living. However,today’s generation lives in a post-war period, which encourages democracy, rather than the former imperialistic government. This new government encourages the new generation to make choices of their own, which in the past

never existed. Given this new form of power, they are now able to choose if they would want to look after their own parents when they become senior citizens. However, in my case it is quite the opposite. For one my children have seen me attend to my parents needs whenever they needed a helping hand. By actually performing this task in front of the children, they have come to learn that it is a moral and ethical issue that lies solely within the family and

not by the outside influence of today’s society. Thus keeping the ie alive and flourishing, even though it was outlawed in the 1947 constitution. However, there are some they end up in a senior citizens housing. One cause to this could be that the parents neglected and did not care for their parents, so the same was applied when they got older and they’re kids did not want to care for

them. Another reason that I will be looked after is that my children know what is expected from them, such as the eldest son of my mine understands that his duty is to take care of the older members of the family who could no longer

manage themselves. Also the children understand that because we have supported, nurtured, and raised them that they are now indebted to us aged members of the family and by accepting this confucian principle,they are in effect

showing their loyalty and benevolence to the family. In an essence, this creates a nucleus family because under a typical housing the main floor is occupied by the elders followed by the parents room on the 1st floor and finally

the childrens play and sleep area located on the 3rd floor. A home like this not only allows the caring for the elders, but it also allows the elders to look after the children if any baby sitting is needed

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