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Space Colonization Essay Research Paper SPACE COLONIZATION

Space Colonization Essay, Research Paper


My five minute essay topic is space colonization. There are three places that I know of that the human race has thought of colonizing . They are: The largest asteroid that is orbiting in our solar system, the Moon and Mars.

An asteroid

There is an asteroid that is orbiting in our solar system whose name I don’t know. This asteroid is made up of 60% water, metal, and a little space debris. This asteroid’s water is all in its solid state or ice. The metal that is on this asteroid is worth 10 times the whole USA’s gross national product per year. When and if we journey to this asteroid we (the Earth) would not build living spaces for humans but set up mining operations to take back to earth the metals. The metals on this asteroid are gold, iron, aluminum, and some other every other day metals.

One scientist suggested since there is ice on this asteroid, that NASA could maybe build a steam powered rocket. This has never been attempted. Since a steam powered vehicle runs on water before the rocket was going to leave the asteroid the astronauts could melt some ice and put it in to the fuel tank. If we try to do this I do not have a year that they might.

The Moon

There is also a chance that sometime in the future there will be moon colonization. Going to the moon is cheaper and closer than going to Mars, but more expensive and further away than going to the asteroid.

Out of all three of my space colonization sites the moon is the only one that we have already land on.

Moon facts

1.We first landed on the moon in 1969

2.John F. Kennedy was the president who first proposed this.

3.The last time that we went to the moon was in 1975.


Mars is the only place of these three that I have written about that we are starting our operations to someday live in outer space. In 10-12 years we will send a space craft to Mars with humans onboard. When we go there we will be searching for microscopic organisms. We will also search for frozen water.

Scientists have figured out a way to change Mars’ heat. To do this they will first pump nitrogen, oxygen and fluorocarbons into the Martian atmosphere. This would cause global warming.

After all of this has stopped and it is warm enough to support humans (which will take about 200 years) we will send plants to Mars to provide food and more oxygen. When there is enough oxygen to support humans (in about 900 years) we will be able to send the first people to Mars.