Effects Of Multimedia Essay Research Paper Multimedia

Effects Of Multimedia Essay, Research Paper

Multimedia technologies have, in recent years, become an essential part of our every day lives. Many aspects of life; business and home alike, have changed as a result of multimedia technologies, such as the ways in which we do business, and the ways in which we get entertained. Our lifestyles have become far more technologically orientated, and multimedia has become a way of communicating, entertaining, learning, doing business and even socializing. This essay will discuss some of the ways in which multimedia has impacted on the global lifestyle, including business and entertainment.

Computer and console games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. The most recent forms of computer games involve 3D landscapes, developed through the use of digital cameras on real-life places. Players of these games can experience a realistic, but fun representation of what it would be like to really be in that place. These games can even be played over the internet with other, real life people, adding to the realism even more. Videos can then be taken of actors in front of blue screens, and these 3D worlds super imposed behind them, creating a realistic movie as a ?cut-scene? to the game. Cutting edge technologies such as these are often first displayed in the gaming industry.

The process of learning has been made infinitely more enjoyable thanks to multimedia ?infotainment or edutainment? products. Entire encyclopedias, complete with movies and sound bytes, are available on a single CD. Products such as Macromedia?s Authorware, have allowed educators to create interactive applications for teaching and testing students. For example, the student may be shown a series of ?slides?, then a video, then listen to a sound byte about African animals. They can then be tested on the subject matter, and their results printed out for them. Edutainment and infotainment are probably the most practical applications of multimedia technologies.

People today are very likely to deal with a computer, through an interactive menu, rather than a real-life worker. Automatic Teller Machines, for example, have all but replaced human tellers for simple tasks such as withdrawals and deposits. Online, banks use interactive flash technology to simplify the process of internet banking for novice users. Flash is a multimedia product, similar to Authorware that is designed for use on the internet. Other places you may use multimedia devices such as interactive menus at an information centre, or tourist bureau, or you may fill out a questionnaire on a converted PC at Centre Link to determine what job you are best suited to. Some people may find this intimidating, and impersonal, however others consider it an exciting step into the future.

Tele-conferencing, real-time, online, video-link; all buzz words of what was once a bright future for multimedia in business. Although e-commerce and ?the dot-com rush? were extremely influential and beneficial in the business world, it would seem as though multimedia has been left behind. Video conferencing did see a brief period of light; however it is now mainly used in government departments, specific niche markets and for display purposes only. The thing with these technologies in the business place is, that people would much rather do business face to face than over a video link, even if it does mean a few hour?s flight. It feels much more natural and comfortable for people to sit face to face, in a meeting than talking into camera. However, multimedia presentation software, such as power point and Authorware are useful for these face to face situations, as an aid or prop for addressing a meeting. The ability to send a client on the other side of the world, a digital video image of a product is also an excellent advantage of multimedia technologies. Flash movies and introductions have become the norm for many large company?s websites, however many people don?t possess fast enough computers to display them, or are simply bored by them. Although the business world today has not greatly benefited from multimedia products, the producers of multimedia products remain optimistic that one day, all business will be done this way.

The entertainment industry has greatly benefited from multimedia technology. 3D animated movies, such as Jimmy Neutron, Toy Story and Ice Age were created using the same 3D development programs that many other, unrelated 3D multimedia products were made with. It is now very rare to find a Hollywood movie without some sort of digital imagery or editing within it. Sound effects in movies are now also predominately created by digital means, such as computers and synthesis. Similarly, a huge amount of music is now entirely created by synthesis, and vocals can be edited and modified to create a far better end product than the original sound byte. These technologies have allowed for far higher quality productions than previously could have been comprehended.


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