Jordan And Israel Essay Research Paper THE

Jordan And Israel Essay, Research Paper


King Hussein, President Weizman, Prime Minister Rabin, Prime Minister Majali, Crown Prince Hassan, Foreign Minister Peres, Foreign Minister Kozyrev, the Secretary of State, the people of Jordan and Israel, with special thanks to those who are our cheering section up there we thank you all.

At the dawn of this peace of the generations, in this ancient place,

we celebrate the history and the faith of Jordanians and Israelis,

but we break the chains of the past that for too long shackled in the shadows of strife and suffering. We thank those who have worked for peace before, we celebrate the efforts of brave leaders who saw the bright horizon of this dawn even while the darkness lingered. This vast bleached desert hides great signs of life. Today we see the proof of it, for peace between Jordan and Israel is no longer a mirage. It is real, it will take root in this soil. It will grow to great heights and shelter generations to come. Today we honor the constant and devoted work of two courageous leaders. Two that have risked everything, so that their children and their children’s children need fight nor fear no more. King Hussein, today in this arid place, you bring to full flower the memory of the man who taught you to seek peace, your grandfather, King Abdullah. When he was martyred four decades ago, he left you with a great burden and a great dream. He believed that one day on both sides of the River Jordan, Arab and Jew would live in peace. How greatly you have shouldered that

burdered and carried that dream. Now, after so much danger and

so much hardship, your Majesty, your day has come. Truly you have fulfilled your grandfather’s legacy.Prime Minster Rabin, you have spent a lifetime as a soldier fighting first to establish your country and then for so long to defend it. For a lifetime you have fought with skill, and tenacity and courage,

Simply to achieve a secure and lasting peace for your people. Now you have given them the hope of life after the siege.


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