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Hapkido Essay, Research Paper


February 2001

Pharmacy School Essay

Born in a third world country, one that lacks most of the modern technologies and little job opportunities, one phrase that I remembered best is that of older people complaining on how they are tired of this thing or that thing . Like them me too was tired of a lot of things. I was tired of seeing people upset miserable hungry but most of all, I was tired of seeing people suffer, some of these people was very close to me. Having a good friend suffering from sickle cell anemia, watching her through the excessive amount of pain she feels and the different places she felt it sharpens that interest. The push from my parents was to become lawyer, which is not a bad thing; another push was that of my artistic skills to become an artist, which I paid attention to for the first eleven of my life.

Excited by the idea of being in the science field since I was about twelve years old, my interests in pursuing graduate studies intensified during my senior year in high school to my first year of college education. I had done many different job types since then that I would say cut the path and leading me to this decision. I have work in the fields helping my grandfather back in my birth country, worked in construction helping my father here in the United States, and also had a job for three as an accountant at a major corporation along with others not mentioned. In high school I made different artistic accomplishment getting awards and motivation to be in that field by my teachers and admirers. All these I was good at and had an opportunity to excel in, but my feelings all through this was that this is not what I wanted to do. The feeling of helping people overcame all that. I thought what s best for me would be medicine, but was later pushed into pharmacy by my feeling of accomplishment in different labs. This feeling became even stronger when I got into more and more science courses.

The interest I have in this major is full the empty part of my life, which is to do what I am so eager to do. That is, to do numerous researches on different diseases and make medicine to alleviate the pain of such disease and even cure them. And if there is ever the spare time for teaching, I want to pass the informational and great hands on teachings and techniques I plan to attain here at Shenandoah to others like myself. That is, who are interested in making a difference in the world of medicine, and a growing population of disease and unnecessary pain.

Through words of mouth from family and friends who Knew my interest in the field of pharmacy, research on the school background that followed and a few people who did the graduate pharmacy program at Shenandoah University, I became interested. I came to the decision that Shenandoah would be the best place for me to do the graduate program after my first semester in Shenandoah University. The good learning atmosphere created by the great teachers, the helpful counselors and the group of motivated students I ve met. The teaching techniques provided by the teachers and their different ways of locking at and doing things. The way of getting and storing information and the quality of technology they provide that today’s students like myself needs to become successful. This then leads me to believe Shenandoah would be the best place for me to do my graduate program in Pharmacy.

In pharmacy school, I also plan to pursue side work educating students and serving as a resource to the public. One of my most rewarding experiences has been tutoring kinder garden and middle school students in English a Read to me program , and helping my younger brother and sister in Mathematics, English and Sciences. Always able to help people has motivated me and give me the push in the direction of pharmacy. I believe I possess a talent for helping others in a professional and friendly manner and in a manner that helps them as I try to provide them with a less painful environment. As part of my Pharmacy career, I will aim to continue teaching and to provide information and resources to the public on the prevention and treatment of ailments and diseases.

Attracted by the pharmacy and medical profession s ability to positively impact people s lives, just like my physician and dentist, and by the profession s financially rewarding and stable lifestyle, I look forward to one day opening my own practice. I also plan on becoming a well-respected member of a quality pharmacy organization, the community of pharmacist and by the community of patients. While my GPA may not be as high as some applicants , my academic record shows a consistent positive look of what I am capable of. I know I have the intelligence, ability, and determination to achieve success in pharmacy; I only need the opportunity. My laboratory experience combined with my academic background, personal qualities, and leadership abilities makes me well suited to accept the challenges in the field of Pharmacy. I look forward to an interview and the chance to discuss my qualifications in person.


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