Paul Bernardo Essay Research Paper Paul BernardoThe

Paul Bernardo Essay, Research Paper

Paul Bernardo

The urge shot through the mans body, uncontrollable, like sharks in a

feeding frenzy. He could only quench his feverish desires by carrying out

unspeakable devilish acts. The victim didn’t matter, no thought was given to

any implications of the satanic rituals. Several times Bernardo resorted to

defecating of human beings in order to satisfy his sick and abnormal urges.

Paul Bernardo’s lustful and diverted sexual desires sprouted from the influence

of pornography. Pornography caused him to fixate on anal intercourse, and

violent, dominant sex. Pornography also played a large role in his lust for

younger virgins, and the ever apparent satomasifism as seen on tape.

Paul Bernardo, during his teenage years became slowly infatuated with

women mostly because of his obsession with porn films. At the time film was

enough to feed his growing desire for kinky sex. He was content to just watch

and not act out what he saw on the videos. Through the steady diet of grotesque

video’s he became of aware of the type of women he wanted through what he saw.

He lusted a women who was submissive and eager to please. This was the

beginning of his abnormal sexual behavior.

One year out of high school, Paul began his journey into the world of

sexual control were he dated a sixteen year old high school student. This girl

perfectly fit the description of Pauls ideal in being naive and unsophisticated.

Over the three and one half years Paul was with her he used her like his

personal sex toy. Throughout the entire relationship he convinced her that what

they were doing was acceptable behavior. An example of his acceptable behavior

was wrapping a piece of twine around her neck while he sodomized her. The twine

only satisfied Bernardo for a time. Later, a knife became part of his “kit.”

These mercenary acts were all influenced by porno films. Paul became aroused

with the power to be the master in his sexual acts and he couldn’t get enough.

One night in October of 1993 Paul seemed to be a magnet to Karla Homoka.

The minute the two met, there relationship set off like a missile. Karla

suffered love at first sight, with his looks, charm and maturity she couldn’t go

wrong. Karla was just the type of women Bernardo desired. She was good-looking,

had a great body was naive and trusting, someone he could control, dominate and

use as his personal sex toy. There sex life fired into action and the two were

constantly searching for new adventures. The pair began having anal sex with

Paul pulling a electrical cord around her own neck while his camera recorded the

moment. The two’s intimacy seemed to have no limits. When it came to their

desires, their urges were unstoppable. Karla was like a dream come true for

Paul because she resembled the women in the Salacious video’s Paul watched.

This made Pauls sex life feral knowing that he had a tremendous opportunity with

Karla and all his sexual fantacies could be carried out.

Karla appeared as though she would go to all lengths to please her

persuasive and controlling lover. She was controlled by Paul that she helped

him drug and rape her younger sister Tammy. She even performed oral sex on her

to please her demented lover, while Paul filmed the event. This new world of

sexual dementia brought Paul to abduct the teen Leslie Mahaffy. Bernardo kept

her for a day, during which he satisfied his lusts, videotaping the assaults for

later pleasure. Mahaffy had to refer to Bernardo as master as he raped her.

Ten months later Bernardo struck again kidnapping Kristen French. Bernardo

inflicted similar hideous atrocities to his 3rd victim as he had done before.

Pauls putrescent fantasies, brought upon by his early encounters with sex,

altered his interests and enticed his mind. Becoming remiss of his partners and

being remorseless to their presence, he chose to act in such a barbarous way.

He only cared about his sexual satisfaction and felt that nothing could stand in

the way of his demented fantasies.

Indoctrinated in his mind at an early age, were demented ideas of what

sexual fulfillment should be. Paul Bernardo grew to become the remorseless,

dysfunctional person he is today because of his early experiences. Suffering

from uncontrollable erotic sensations which compelled him to carry out his

inhuman acts he struggled to please his immense sexual appetite, his many

deranged fantasies were a result of his interest in pornographic material which

fixated his mind on limitless, controlling sex. If Bernardo was subject to

different intellectual material as a child Paul may have chosen a different path

to follow.



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