Puritans Essay Research Paper The Puritans developed

Puritans Essay, Research Paper

The Puritans developed an ideal that could be attained

by working and following what the bible. The modern American

Dream is always stereotyped by money, power, and happiness. The

goal that the Puritans made for today s society s American Dream

might be a huge house with a white picket fence. What the

Puritans did not know is that things changed, and the people of

today do not care about what people think or say about them.

The Puritans had a set way of life for our American Dream by

keeping faith, working hard, and having no failures which they

tried everyday to achieve. For example, the Puritans would only

see things from one point of view, which is the chosen one. In

the Puritans day, if someone did not like someone no one else

will, unless they were related. The Puritans constantly had to

keep up their status in life to be with the chosen, and no

failures were accepted. In addition, the Puritans can not fail

because they had to follow the rules and regulations that were

made for them. The Puritans did what the bible said or they would

be accused of being a witch. Also, the Puritans made no mistakes.

The Puritans lived their day to day life by the rules and

regulations that are set for them so they will not get the

assumption that they were going to hell. They followed rules and

regulations so they d not live life with suffering and misery.

Furthermore, the Puritans needed their faith, to keep working

hard, and to follow the rules and regulations. This was so they

might not go to hell, have suffering, or be accused of being a


Today s Society is nothing like the American Dream that the

Puritans set, for themselves, and today s society to have. For

example, people today fight, lose patience, and steal for the

American Dream, but if today s society worked hard then they d

have what they want. Some people of today s society, in one word,

are lazy. They ll do anything to get out of work, and still

strive by any means to try to have American Dream. In addition,

what today s society has learned from the Puritans is to strive

for excellence, work hard, and have no failures. The people of

today that don t lie, cheat, and steal to have the Puritan s

Dream, work hard, have money, happiness, and a huge house with a

white picket fence, if they wanted it, and they do not care about

what other people that do not work, have nothing to prove, and do

not have any thing else to do but talk about other people. People

of today s society that do not strive for their excellence end up

with barley anything. They live life with suffering and misery

like how the Puritans, if they did not follow the rules and

regulations that were set for them. Therefore, this is not a

perfect world like the Puritans wanted it to be, but some of

today s society tries.

Over periods of time, things change. The Puritans had the

right idea about the American Dream, but nothing can be perfect

unless people work hard for what they want. Today society has

some of the same goals that the Puritans had, which have been

passed down. If the world today was under the rules and

regulations that the Puritans had, then today s society might

have a small population because people will be accused of being a



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