Description Of Mom Essay Research Paper There

Description Of Mom Essay, Research Paper

There are those that come in to our lives and leave a special gift in our hearts. There are also those who are nothing but a passing memory. As for me, the person that has given me a special gift is my mother.

She was born in North Korea, and raised in Argentina. Being the oldest of two sisters and brothers gave her many responsibilities and obligations, such as; being a good role model, cleaning up, and taking care of her two younger sisters and three brothers. Although she had many responsibilities, she always managed to have fun as well. Having been raised in a family filled with love and joy gave her the gift of love, thus, to spread on to her own family.

Most would describe my mother as a giving person, or young at heart. But when I think of her, I see her big brown eyes and apple red cheeks. She has this great set of pitch black, curly hair in which she could never make straight. Whenever she walks in to a room, everything just lights up because of her energy. Her nurturing and giving personality always makes me think of the times she shows her humanity through just little things. For instance, she’d always give the mailman a beverage because she felt bad that he had to walk so much. And then there was the time she gave away old sweaters and pants to a homeless shelter. I also remember how she always gave gifts to everyone in the family and never once expected anything in return. She’d always make sure everyone around her was happy and would do almost anything to make them laugh. Most importantly, she always took care of me when I was sick by buying me flowers or balloons just so that I would smile. Whenever my brothers had to move their stuff, she was always the one that bought all the supplies and helped carry it out. Everything she does is from her heart and always wants to improve everything and anything. She is the type of person that is always ready to give her love and care at times of need.

One memory that shows this side of her and also stays close to my heart was when my father got a heart attack. It was one of the most devastating times that my family had to deal with. She was at the hospital everyday by his side for a period of two months and always made sure he got his rest. Moments like that, I see how beautiful my mom really is and how much she cares for people. She was there to give all her love and support, because that’s the kind of person she is.

Looking at my mother and knowing that she wears her heart on her sleeve makes me want to be a better person. There is no other mom that I know of that can compare to her because she is truly one of a kind.


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