Increase In Juvenile Crime Essay Research Paper

Increase In Juvenile Crime Essay, Research Paper

Speech Draft: The Increase of Juvenile Crime

Have you heard about the frightful high school shooting in Columbine High School? Have you ever wonder what is wrong with our society? Have you ever wonder when will you encounter the same tragic incidence? Or have you ever wonder whether the people around you have the potential violence of causing the same tragedy. While ago, one of my dearest friend Andy had his car stolen by a juvenile theft, who later been caught by the police. Dear audiences and judges, today I must present a tragic fact to each of you. The juvenile crime rate in United States, this very country, had risen in a dramatic range. There are more teenagers in our country possess potential danger that could cause harm to others. Although many people argue that society held no responsibility toward the malicious actions of modern juvenile criminal, the society is partially responsible to such corrupt occurrence. Since the basic nature of teenager has not changed through time, therefore the reckless assumption of that modern teenagers are innate with corrupt nature is invalid. According to statistic, the juvenile crime rate had risen an astonishing hundred and twelve percent through the past fifteen years. The question is, if the basic quality of teenagers is unvaried, why the crime rate skyrocketed during the past fifteen years. The only answer to this bewildered question is the advanced improvement of modern technology. When the world steps into 90 s, mankind throws itself into an explosion of information. There are many great creation appears in the 90 s. Such as Internet, Cable, VCD, DVD, cell phone, CD and video game. These technological products aid people to obtain information with fast speed and various sources. Often we could obtain almost any information with just a single touch of mouse or keyboard. Perhaps such advanced technology is too convenient for the unready human society; the lacking of restriction causes many unwanted information into many unwanted hands. Many corporations display inappropriate image or animation to the public for the sake of their profit. Under such environment, the modern youths are expose to the information of violence and sex, which are informations that they could yet handle. These adult-only informations often cause mental distortion or psychological problem to our youths permeable mind. Moreover, the tendency of imitating the image that we perceive inhibits in human nature. Therefore, when under the influences of violent or sexual theme teenagers will naturally start to imitate the corrupt actions that they perceive. The two mentally ill high school students prove such theory. It is evident that the two students mental healths are seriously impaired by the negative influence of violent video games. No doubt that the excessive amount of unwanted informations in our country is the main cause of the rising of juvenile crime rate. How shameful it is to see that our modern youths suffer from the devastating effect that the inappropriate information provides. Moreover, by observing the inappropriate information that they receive for a long period of time, the adult could sometimes being affected by these malicious informations also. The only solution to such problem is to place heavy punishment on the violation of rating system regarding, Internet, movie, video game and TV show. The fear of punishment will eliminate youths contact with inappropriate materials. It is like any other laws that exist in our nation. The inappropriate should be view as potential danger to the welfare of our society. Therefore, regulation must be place upon these unwanted informations. Only with determination and strict policy, we are able revive our society from its future destruction. Through such action, we could provide our youth with a better environment to grow.


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