Hurrcaine Essay Research Paper HurricaneThe boxing world

Hurrcaine Essay, Research Paper


The boxing world is a world of guts, glory, and among other things

pride. To achieve all of these things a fighter must never give up and

fight until the end. For Rubin Hurricane Carter his fight would not

stop out of the ring. The book titled Hurricane The miraculous Journey

of Ruban Carter had an impact on me like no other book. The theme of

the book was to never give up, even when the odds are stacked against

you for days, months, or even years there is always a chance and giving

up will not get you anywhere.

On October 14, 1966 Rubin Hurricane Carter was picked up by

police and charged with the Lafayette bar murders. The Lafayette bar

murders was the horrific shooting of four innocent white victims in the

small town of Paterson. Carter was appalled to find him in the back of

the squad car for a murder he so obviously did not commit. His trial was

a despicable display of prejudice and racism. Despite reconstructed

stories the facts were stacked on Carters side, however on May 26, 1976

Carter and friend John Artis were convicted of murder one on all three

counts by an all Caucasian jury. Though Carter was locked in a cell it

was as if he would not give up his freedom, he appealed and appealed.

Finally a young man named Lesra Martin, a young Negro inspired to

free Carter, came in contact with Ruban.

Lesra was a black boy living with a white family who helped him

with school work and kept him out of trouble. Lesra and his family

fought for Carter like a mother to a child, they knew as well as Ruban

that he was an innocent man. They gathered every bit of evidence and

went back to court for one last trial and on 1985 he was released from

prison after nearly 20 years. Rubin never gave up.

Rubin Hurricane Carter affected my life by making me

realize what people believe is meaningless when you believe in yourself.

Just as Rubin fought, I will fight until what I feel is right happens. If

odds are ever stacked against me I will always remember this book and

his story of strength and courage and it will get me through anything.

Ruban Carter is a great role model and an even better person then I

could have ever imagined.

Rubin Cater made me believe no matter what giving up is not an

option, and never give into something you do not believe in. After

reading this book I am a stronger person. The Hurricane is a book I

certainly will never forget.


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