Isaac Newton Essay Research Paper ISAAC NEWTONIsaac

Isaac Newton Essay, Research Paper


Isaac Newton was born janurary 4th, 1643 in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire,

England. Isaac Newton came from a family of farmers but he never did know his real dad

because he died three months before he was born. His father owned property and animals

which made him a very wealthy man. His father was aslo very uneducated and could not

even sign his own name. Isaac?s mothers name was Hannah Ayscough but was changed

when she married Barnabas Smith. When Isaac was two years old he was given to his

grandma to take care of him. He did not live a happy childhood. In 1653 he moved back

with his mom, grandma, one half-brother, and two half-sisters.

He began attending school in Grantham. When he was in school he did not do so

good but he had a passion for learning. He was a sizar .A sizar was a student who recived

an allowance toward college expenses in exchange for acting as a severt towards the

other students. He sayed at the universty teaching math. Isaac was one of the oldset in his

grade. In 1661 he entered the Cambridge Universty and then was hired as a professor of

Mathematics in 1669. He had one of the most brilliant minds. Legend has it that seeing

an apple fall gave Newton the idea that gravity, the force which keeps us bound to the

earth , also controls the motion of moon and stars.

Isacc Newton’s help to science included the universal law of gravity, laws of

optics, and the development of calculus. He is also famous for his book he wrote, this

book was called ?Principia Mathematica.? This book talked about the different types of

math that he wanted to teach. Isaac also talked about the laws of motion, which one

person relates an object’s mass and acceleration to the force being applied on it. Isaac

Newton was a very smart math teacher who was criticized for is work because he was

devoted to his work and not many people beleived in his study of math. Isaac Newton

died alone in 1727 with no kids and lived modestly.


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