Cloning 9 Essay Research Paper Cloning has

Cloning 9 Essay, Research Paper

Cloning has been in existence in society for many years, but it is only since the year of 1997 that the topic of cloning has sparked a controversy of positive and negative opinions. It was in the year of 1997 that the first cloning of an animal had been performed. This sheep’s name was Dolly and Dolly created a frenzy within the scientific world. With the successful outcome of Dolly the World began to set the sky as the limit of possibility. However it is only now in this modern age that we can come to understand what effects cloning could have on World society. The topic of cloning is a universal problem however it is also an unbelievable human breakthrough. Aspects such as moral issues, ethical issues and the overall effect of cloning establish doubts and positive feelings for this world phenomenon.

The processes that were used to clone the first ever genetically engineered sheep “Dolly” was a difficult process. “Dolly’s” breakthrough was the first ever-successful clone using an adult sheep cell. The first step was collecting some somatic body cells from the sheep. These cells are the cells that are the first step to cloning. Unfertilized eggs are than collected from a ewe. Using carefully calculated information segments of DNA are removed from the egg cells. After this process one of the original somatic cells is placed into the central yolk of the unfertilized egg. Using chemical and electrical stimulants the newly formed embryo is made to create it’s own fertilization. This embryo is then developed in a culture. The embryo develops and forms in a culture that sustains needed nutrients for the embryo to survive. Once a sufficient culture is developed the embryo is implanted into a substitute mother. A new sheep is then born through this wonderful technique of cloning. Using the method of cloning, scientists are able to choose specific genes and characteristics in different animals to create the perfect specimen. Many people believe that Cloning is wrong, however many people believe that Cloning is a necessity for world survival. It is hard to determine whether or not the advantages of cloning are more important than the disadvantages. Cloning opened the world to an unlimited ere of Advantages. From foods to humans, cloning could established enormously beneficial outcomes. Take cloning Dolly the sheep for an example, you could create an unlimited supply of “Dolly” sheeps, this would create a number of advantages. Imagine that if the specimen of Dolly was in threat of becoming extinct, well cloning could overcome this scenario. Through cloning a large number of “Dolly” sheep extinction would be nearly impossible. This would allow a wonderful species such as ‘Dolly” to be viewed for generations. Some negative aspects of cloning however would arise. First there is a high cost factor involved in cloning and thus enormous financial backing is required. Secondly identical genetic information could result in a major epidemic. Species with the same genetic information could all be killed with one virus. One other consideration is for the animals. It would be cruel and morally incorrect to create a production line of identical animals. Starving countries would no longer have to live through hunger and pain. Cloned animals and plant life could supply the poor nations with an unlimited amount of correct nutrients and minerals. Imagine a world without starvation? Well Cloning has the potential to provide a luxury such as this.

Disease is also currently plaguing cities across the entire world, killing millions of people each year. With the aid of Cloning disease could be wiped from existence. Scientists could gradually outbreed disease by cloning those people who have perfect immune systems and were free from any disease. Another method would be to alter genes in humans so that diseases have no effect. This would be a great advantage to communities throughout the world. Although these are all positive outcomes of cloning, there are a large number of negative aspects to closely look at. Disease would be a wonderful part of life to wipe out. However many ethical and religious queries need to be putt forward. What would happen to our earth if everyone lived an extra 20 years? Well maybe there is a reason that we have things such as starvation and disease in our world. The quest for increases in human life span and animals could back fire and have devastating effects on the world. The strive for perfection could lead to living conditions becoming increasingly worse. Farmers would celebrate at the thought of cloning unlimited amounts of animals, fruits and vegetables. Production would eventually be cheaper thus economic benefits would surge. Products could be cloned to form the biggest and juiciest apples, the longest and tastiest cucumbers and sheep with the softest and thickest wool. Not only would there be an unlimited amount of resource but the quality of resource would be the best that the world has ever experienced. However a negative side to this would be that large farms would soon establish a large proportion of market share and would thus knock out of the market smaller farms.

One of the major dangers of cloning is the extent that scientists throughout the world will persue the breakthrough. Soon scientists could experiment with cloning full humans and this would cause many ethical and religious problems. It is believed that someone, somewhere creates every living thing different on earth. So the question of why change nature? Beckons to be answered. Well, before any further production of cloning should go ahead I believe that restrictions and guidelines should be established. However what could stop someone from cloning a human today? Maybe they already have? Well these are some of the unlimited questions that need to be answered before we should progress further into the scientific world of Cloning. Maybe we are starting and end to civilization? No one really knows


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