The Right Wing Conspiracy For Dummies Essay

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Bill Malm Malm 1

Mr. Trenney

12 April 1999

The Right Wing Conspiracy

Mrs. Hillary Clinton believes that attacks on her husband are the product of

some ?vast right wing conspiracy?. She has announced this on NBC?s the

?Today? show. Many people believe that Hillary went a little overboard when she

used the term ?Conspiracy?. These people believe that there is an attack Clinton

coalition, but no conspiracy. Mrs. Clinton was portrayed as a forceful defender of

her husband against allegations of a presidential affair. The Clinton

Administration believes that there are a few powerful people behind this coalition,

but haven?t been able to prove it.

One of the leaders of this coalition is the NY Post. The Post long ago

forfeited any outward appearance of either ?loyal opposition? or ?responsible

journalism? as far as the president is concerned. The Post has announced that it

will report the news as they see fit, and they will not change their way of delivering

the news. Federal Officials find this to be highly offensive to the President. Rupert

Murdoch, who is owner of the NY Post, controls the publications of his newspaper

very closely. If he doesn?t like the article he changes it so it meets his standards.

Murdoch also owns the Weekly Standard. The Weekly Standard is considered to

be a polemical journal. His influence has also begun to taint this journal as well.

Murdoch also moved the editor of the Weekly Standard, John Podhoretz, to take

over the editorial page of the NY Post. The change in content became very rough

concerning the President and Extramarital relationships. Now for the final loop on

the Post, John Podhoretz is the son of Norman Podhoretz who is editor of the

Commentary. This a monthly gazette published for the American Jewish

Committee. He is a leading NeoCon, which is a Jewish organization and closet

right wing polemicist. So the NY Post is considered first on the list of suspects.

Another of the ?conspirators? against President Clinton is Ken Starr.

Hillary believes that his judgment had been tainted by politics. She said of him,

?We get a politically motivated prosecutor who is allied with the right wing

opponents of my husband who has literally spent four years looking at every

telephone call we?ve made, every check we?ve ever written, scratching for dirt,

Malm 2

intimidating witnesses, doing everything possible to try to make some accusation

against my husband.? Starr quickly denounced Hillary?s ?Conspiracy? theory as

utter nonsense, and said he was conducting the case ?through a deliberative

process? (Blood). At this time in the investigation Clinton was still denying

having any sexual relations with 24-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky, or even

telling her to lie about the affair.

The Conspiracy is actually rumored to have started in 1968 when Bill

Clinton was considering joining the military for the Vietnam War. Some extremists

even believe that the conspiracy was the reason he was not drafted for Vietnam

and the reason he took a scholarship to Rhodes College in England. From that

point the Conspiracy was said to have grown considerably especially after his

election as governor of Arkansas. The Conspiracy is also credited, by some, for

starting the Whitewater scandal. This is believed to have happened because some

members of the Conspiracy learned that the Clinton?s were in bad debt. In fact, as

the rumor goes, the Clinton?s were even talking about selling their daughter,

Chelsea, for $10,000 to an Iranian business owner (Rojas). It is also believed, that

the Conspiracy planted Gennifer Flowers to purposely have an affair with Clinton.

As everyone knows it worked and Clinton even lied about the affair on 60 minutes

which even furthered the Conspiracy?s goals. This was the start of the

Conspiracy?s tainted goals. It is also thought that the Conspiracy hired an

Arkansas state trooper to take Paula Jones to the Excelsior Hotel. There she

supposedly forced Bill into an affair. Then Monica Lewinsky, who it is found

shouldn?t have even been at the White House, was found to have performed Oral

sex on the President. People say that it was the Conspiracy that moved Monica

from her job at the Pentagon to the White House, thus causing this affair.

The Conspiracy?s party of origin is, of course, the Republican party.

However, the Right Wing Conspiracy also has the problem of fighting the Left

Wing Conspiracy, which is Democrats opposition to the Right Wing Conspiracy.

It is actually quite complicated how these two groups got started. The main

explanation of why the Right Wing Conspiracy started was while Bill Clinton was

in grade school he and a boy were playing on the seesaw. While they were doing

this Bill gave the other child, name is unknown, a ?cherry bump? the other child

was so sad he ran home and told his mom he would give Bill an even bigger

?cherry bump?. This is how the Right Wing Conspiracy started (Janson). The

Malm 3

Left Wing Conspiracy didn?t start until Bill was in High School. The founder of

the Right Wing Conspiracy and Bill got into a fight about a test, and a guy in the

class separated them. It was then he learned about the other guy?s wish for Bill to

be brought down so in order to contain the growing organization, Right Wing

Conspiracy he started a pro-Clinton organization named the Left Wing Conspiracy.

This is one of the rumors circulating on how these Conspiracies started. Many

people believe this to be a highly, very highly, fabricated story.

Another rumor on how the conspiracies started is a lot less complicated.

When Bill was elected governor of Arkansas. There was a minority of the people

who hated his platform on which he ran. So they created the Right Wing

Conspiracy to try to throw him out of government. When attacks on Clinton

became clear, Bill then asked for a couple of his close friends to lead an

organization to try to stop this rowdy group. Thus, the forming of the Left Wing


The Clinton?s have been accused of a great and many things during their

time in government and politics. People have accused them of adultery, sexual

harassment, robbery, rape, even prostitution, and murder. The murder charge is

the one that has the Clintons so upset. This accusation stems from the death of

White House aide Vince Foster who died in July of 1993. This is after

government investigation ended abruptly with the search team saying he shot

himself. However, people find that interesting considering that Clinton himself

told the investigation team to do their search within 2 weeks. The prostitution

accusation was directed directly at Chelsea. As the story goes, they say that while

away at college Chelsea needed some money for books, and didn?t want to have to

ask her parents so she took up prostitution to pay off the fees for her books. After a

thorough investigation it was proven that she was not guilty of this offense. Many

people blame the Conspiracy for trying to plant evidence that doesn?t exist or point

the finger at the Clinton family trying so hard to destroy the tie that binds them

together. A very strong rumor is that all the jokes on Clinton with his so called

?Zippergate? scandal have come from the Conspiracy.

For all it?s hard work the Conspiracy can still be considered a shadow in life

the government. For so far all they have worked to accomplish has been achieved

but all they have done is just cause some minor inconveniences to the Clinton

Administration. But, for all the Conspiracy, there is hope for there is talk of an

Armageddon Conspiracy. It is rumored to be the ultimate attack against Clinton.

Malm 4

It is rumored that this attack will encompass more than half of the continent, not

just the United States.

The people of the United States opinions? are as varied as each and every

single grain of sand. A small majority believe there is no conspiracy, however,

more and more people are beginning to believe that the Conspiracy is climbing the

rungs of the ladder of destruction. If the Conspiracy gets high enough on this

ladder then it could achieve it?s ultimate goal. This goal, of course, is the complete

destruction of Bill Clinton?s life, socially, politically, and economically. In the

words of Jim Coil, ?The Government is indeed the people. Just too often it

happens to be the wrong people.? This is an opinion of a man who believes that

the Conspiracy does exist. When his words are analyzed a great deal of meanings

are shown. This statement means that he agrees the United States is a government

for where the people choose who they want for office, however, he just thinks that

too many people?s minds are tainted by the influence of corrupt politics in this

day and age. As from the voice of Oscar Amara, ?This fine, upstanding, pure,

Godfearing, faithful husband, and wonderful President gets caught in one little itsy

bitsy lie and there is this hoard of evil prosecutors chasing him down like some

kind of criminal. Next thing you know, these Right Wing Conspirators will be

accusing him of all kinds of crimes… like murder.? This man believes that the

Right Wing Conspiracy should take all the blame. However, all of this mess

cannot be blamed on the Right Wing Conspiracy itself. For even if they did plant

evidence, or Monica Lewinsky, or Gennifer Flowers, or etc. it still doesn?t take

away the fact the he had an affair. Here is a comment from Paul L. Hepperla, ?I

remain the pessimist in this matter, declaring that Clinton gets away while the

?Right Wing Conspiracy? is blamed for all of the President?s problems.?

The Right Wing Conspiracy is alive and well. It grows everyday, following

the steps of the President. The Conspiracy?s deepest wishes lie in their ability to

manipulate and control. As has been indicated if they unleash their almighty

?Armageddon Conspiracy? then all that the President, William Jefferson Clinton,

will have accomplished will be for naught. With the Left Wing Conspiracy to

protect the President the Right Wingers will be at a disadvantage to bring him

down. However, the Left Wing Conspiracy doesn?t have as much heart as the

Right Wing Conspiracy. One final thought if you were the victim of a conspiracy

would you have taken the path of Clinton? It really doesn?t matter, because in the

end it all goes back to same the place anyway.

Malm 5

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