Ernest Hemingway Thesis Paper Essay Research Paper

Ernest Hemingway Thesis Paper. Essay, Research Paper


Ernest Hemingway?s writing style mirrored the way he lived his own life. Ernest lived the way he wrote creating situations, setting scenes and events leading to their consequences. Hemingway leaves morals and conclusions to the reader. In his short story, Hills like White Elephants these writing characteristics can be illustrated by the following outline. I will refer to Hemingway?s other writings and the history of his life for further illustration.

I. White elephant characters are lost souls.

A. Mountains look like whit elephants.

B. Their lives reduced to ?licorice?.

II. The realities of life.

A. An unwanted Pregnancy.

B. A ?sales? job.

III. Fictional Vs. non fictional Hemingway

A. The real Hemingway

B. The public Hemingway

Hemingway?s short story Hills like White Elephants appears to be a simple story about a man and a woman stopped at a railway station in Spain having a discussion to pass the time while waiting for the next train. The hills looking like white elephants was part of the conversation but has a much more important meaning than a description of the mountains. It refers to her relationship with the American as something that no longer functions properly.

?The girl was looking off at the line of hills. They were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry. ?They look like white elephants,? she said. ?I?ve never seen one,? the man drank his beer. ?No, you wouldn?t have.?

What was really being said here was our relationship is now working it has become a white elephant. I see white elephants when I look everywhere. The American replies that he has never seen a white elephant and hasn?t recognized the problems in their relationship. Hemingway was like this in real life, he had problems but always thought everything was all right. When he was injured in World War One he was injured because he was handing chocolate and cigarettes out to the solders. Shrapnel hit him from an enemy shell. Killing one solder, severally injuring another and sending loads of shrapnel into Hemingway?s legs. Even thought there was gunfire and people dyeing everywhere, Hemingway had the idea that everything was ok and he was totally fine to be handing out candy.


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