Death Penalty Essay Research Paper One of

Death Penalty Essay, Research Paper

One of the things I have heard is that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. What about the victims families? What about the loss of a loved one? What about daddy not coming home again to tuck his babies into bed at night or mommy being there when the child falls and scrapes a knee? To hell with the criminal. Murder is a cruel and unusual punishment to the victim. ?Criminals executed do NOT become repeat offenders!? (Internet)

I could not imagine how I would feel in those last moments of life. The sheer terror! The helplessness one would feel at not being able to stop the killer. To die silently screaming for life. The Criminal deserves all the cruelty he/she receives. How an individual could even remotely feel sympathy for a murderer is beyond my comprehension. The LAST thing I would even come close to considering would be life with no parole.

One of the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard for the revocation of the death penalty, is “It costs twice as much to execute someone than it does to put them away and house them for 20 years.”. This is an absurd statement.

First, a criminal will, on average, live a hell of a lot longer than 20 years. Prison is usually a lot better than they would do out on the street. 3 meals a day, with all sorts of recreation. Gyms, libraries, vocational courses. To allow a murderer to sit to retirement on the hard earned money of tax payers is absurd. It’s worth the extra dollars to have him/her executed. So they hang around for 10 years. That?s ten years of knowing your gonna die.

Second, The cost to a family who lives in fear of there family members killer is reduced, if they know that in five to ten years, that person will never kill again or be able to escape and get them. Which is a real fear to some people. A person who’s lost a loved one to a killer has every right to ensure that person doesn?t get them. They are already scared by such a traumatic experience, we as a society, shouldn?t add insult to injury by keeping the threat to their happiness alive and well fed. That is not justice.

Of course there will always be the fool who decides that the death penalty is just a scare, they will never kill him. Well, sucks to be you, is all I have to say to them. The louder they scream going to the chair or the bed for lethal injection, the more he/she knows that they will end the same as their victims.


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