Confederate Flag Essay Research Paper The confederate

Confederate Flag Essay, Research Paper

The confederate flag…what does it stand for? That?s what Americans need

to address. We need to know what we are dealing with because we as a

people are quite divided. From a southern white?s point of view this flag

could be a symbol of, like the lady in the article said, their heritage. To

someone like her this flag could stand for a nostalgia of a way things were,

an essence if you will. To other southerners the flag could represent a

statement of strong political individuality or leadership ( such as in South

Carolina). Then of course this could stand for the ?good ole? boys?

mentality of white superiority; possibly how the skinheads, KKK percieve it.

On the other hand from a northern point of view, we see this whole issue as

a remnant of a rebellious society based on fundamental wrongs. (slavery)

We see this flag to mean hatred towards a people. Also, we must take into

consideration the black people?s point of view. How do they see it? Do

they all see it like the two guys who shot and killed a white boy flaunting a

symbol of past injustices? Does this flag stand for ?lynch-mobs? and

whippings, rapings of innocent slaves? We as a people are divided in so

many directions on the issue, in order to bring closure to this debate we need

to define its meaning. Certainly it is not wrong to display your own colors,

wear what you want, fly whatever flag you want. But, what happens when

that symbol you adhere to deteriorates the state of the Union of the

American people? I think then it should be dealt with! Do we really still

have ties to the Confederacy? If it is that pressing…if our southern

neighbors cannot live without their conservative bondage to a flag, then let

them have it, make them however, clearly define what this icon represents,

also I think that to show that this flag has a newfound representational value,

it should be redesigned. I think it?s ridiculous that we still have people who

want to cling on to ?the way it was? in the south. Look where ?the way it

was? got us……into political and moral division, which fueled the coming of

a civil war.


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