Fear To Become Essay Research Paper Fear

Fear To Become Essay, Research Paper

Fear to Become

Before I read ? The Fall of the House of Usher?, I had a dreary experience of my

at my great grand-mothers house. Just as there are several causes and effects of horror in

? The Fall of the House of Usher,? I have experienced a frightening event which was due

to a variety of causes and which had specific unpleasant effects. The story and my

venture to my great grandmothers? are similar. The story puts many aspects in your mind

of scary and eerie surroundings. Still, both the story and my incident cause me to really

think about there link to each other.

First of all, Poe gives a creepy description of this house that leads me to think of

a haunted house, not one in which people would dwell in. The depression he draws on

the house causes me to obtain a utter feeling of despair for the residence who live there.

Thus, creating a feeling unlike any other I have ever felt before in all of my reading. The

sense of despair he establishes leads me in the direction of feeling sorrow for the

inhabitants of this dreary house. After all to most people reading this story it is only a

house, but given the details it seems like something unusual is exists in the house of


The residents of the house are Roderick Usher and his sister lady Madeline, these

two people have mental problems. As Usher had been boyhood friends with him, he

knew Usher had mental problems. Usher lived in the house ever since he was born, as a

result, the house made him into someone who felt trapped. Lady Madeline had been sick

ever since she was born, this put a burden on Usher for she was all that he had of family.

Consequently, lady Madeline past away from her illness from childhood.

As I described the house of Usher to you, I had a experience of my own at my

great grandmothers house. From the outside the house seems calm, but as you walk up

the squeaky steps you enter into a old senseless house. As you walk down the long

hallway you see pictures of people who had already deceased, the pictures look like they

are all staring at you. When you enter the great room you find an old couch and a

chandelier emerging from the ceiling. Furthermore, there is a type of odor in the room

that makes you think someone is buried in the house somewhere. Being in these freaky

surroundings has you waiting for something to grab you or something to fall. To me this

is the scariest environment I have ever stepped foot into.

My great grandmother sits in an old green rocking chair, which squeaks

everytime she rocks back in it. She has a frightening voice that keeps you awake and

ready for anything. Although she is my great grandmother, she is one of the most

terrifying person I have ever known. With her old lady like image to gaze at, you get a

sense of terror going up your spine. As a result, I would not advise people with any form

of a phobia to go and meet her.

Even though this is an evil aspect of a house or a person the people living there

still are normal human beings. After all, ? You can?t judge a book by its cover.?


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