The 13th Chapter Essay Research Paper The

The 13th Chapter Essay, Research Paper

The 13th Chapter

The boat had the island with all the kids except the deceased. On the boat

ride home there was very little coversation on the boat except for the officers

repeating the same question over and over again; “weren’t there more of you kids,

what happened to the rest of you.” Everybody was rather silent and didn’t really

cooperate with the superiors. Ralph was still frightened by what Jack might do

to him if he ever told about what happened on the island. There were many

officers on the boat so Ralph wasn’t really worried about Jack at the time. All

Ralph could think about was how excited he was to see his parents again. The

only noises on the boat besides the officers were the littleuns who were also

excited to see their parents after being seperated for such a long time. All the

sudden the conversation thickened when a bomb went off right beside the boat.

Later the officers had realized that there was a hole on the bottom of the boat and

were unable to stop to stop the huge amounts of water that were getting in the

boat. They decided to abanden the boat. Everybody got in the life rafts and

watched the boat slowly sink till there was nothing left to watch.

After a few days at sea the kids and officers land on an island. As soon

as they land on the island Jack and his “group” get together and tie up the officers

with vines on the local trees. This is Ralph’s worst nightmare come true. After

they are done Jack tells Ralph, “either your part of the group or your an outsider

and that my group will hunt you for the rest of your life.” Ralph is thinking that

this is great because they will forget everything that ever happened on the first

island. He decides to join there group. For the rest of their lives they lived on that

island without anybody ever finding them. They hunted pigs like the other island

and they also are fruit like the other island.

Decades passed and eventually the men ran out of wild pigs and fruit. The

men turned twords cannibalism. They slowly killed off each other one by one

until there was only one person left which was Jack. In the long run all the pain

and suffering he caused to others, he died the worst and most painful death,

starvation. All that was left were piles of bones from the deceased and nobody

ever found that island or the kids, or should you say men.


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