Divorce Essay Research Paper Divorce not only

Divorce Essay, Research Paper

Divorce not only affects parents, but it also affects their children by making them look at things in a different and a negative way. A child needs the love and support of both parents so that he can grow in a good environment, and can grow well. Right now in the world divorces are really common. And what I have seen is that ruins the “family appearance”.

What I believe is that children are the ones who suffer the most. If the divorce occurs since little it affects the development of the child. The child needs the support and love from both parents. What I have seen in some cases is that the children feel different, and tend to have a different attitude towards things when their parents get divorced. The child thinks that he will never be like the other kids. It also affects them because when they invite friends over, sometimes the parents fight in front of them also and it embarrasses them. As they grow up they start looking and thinking negatively. For example they don’t want to get serious with someone else because they think they are going to end up just like their parents. In some ways divorce causes psychological problems to children. Some cases are when they have to choose between their mother and father. Most of the time when this occurs the parent who wasn’t chosen changes attitude with their child because they saw they preferred the other parent. So the child does not receive anymore the love he really needs from both of their parents.

When divorces occur is because the husband and wife are not getting along and they are not able to continue to live together so they separate. But what this causes is that that they weren’t good enough to control a stable marriage, so they failed. This reflects the unbalanced home they had. But in my opinion is better to first separate if there’s a lot of conflict between the couple. And if things workout better that way, they should get a divorce. This decision will affect the children; if there are, because for them is better not to live in an environment where there is constant fighting. But in the other hand is not good for a child not to have the support of both of his parents. But if that occurs the parents should try everything that is in their reach to be as close as possible to the children and give them all the love they need.

Right now these days divorces are really common. Especially were there has been a teen pregnancy and have to get married or a marriage at an early age. The causes for divorces in teen pregnancy are probably because they were obligated to get married because of the consequences. Another reason can be that the man, in most cases can’t handle marriage at an early age. The causes for divorce at an early age are because after a while the couple regrets being married at such an early age and they still want to live their young life and have fun.

These are some of the things I believe that divorce causes, or that cause divorces. But what I think is that before taking a big decision think it two or three times before you make it. If not later on you will regret it, and it will not only affect you or your life it will affect others.


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