Brethrean Essay Research Paper The Brethren religion

Brethrean Essay, Research Paper

The Brethren religion is like no other religion like Lutheran or catholic. They have there own beliefs, own thoughts, and own way of life. The Brethren religion is different from Lutheran and catholic, but they also have similar traits that put them all together. The Brethren religion has many parts. First it is a small religion that consists of only nineteen people. Which is very small for a religion. There is only them and god on there side. Their gathering place is in Aunt Flo and Uncle Al’s living room. Where there they wait for god’s calling. There is no set prayer or set sermon. Or an organ or piano playing for them to sing with. They just sing what they know from hart. Not out of any book or hymnal. They sing out of tune with nothing to accompany them but other people. They don’t care if they are out of tune. Since they meet in a living room there is no need for icons of god or symbols of him. God is just with them where they will wait for his calling and when they get it they will preach to each other. Not with some preacher in a robe reading out of a book. They tell it how it is out of their harts. They believe that they don’t need to take a prayer out of a book but to wait for god to call on them and come out with the prayer from their hart of what they believe in. At Aunt Flo and Uncle Al’s living room there is no people dressed up in robes and no candles burning and all the windows in the cathedral are stained glass with god’s name and stories printed all of them. They are all very plain when they gather in the living room no one really dresses up. Like they do in churches. They believe that the way they are is the way god will except them. They believe that their religion is the only religion and there should be no other one. But that’s when one of the older people in the group thought about being Lutheran but when he got there he saw all them in there robes preaching out of a book. He did not believe that was the right way and the Brethren way was the right way. There are a few things that are similar between the Catholics, Lutherans, and the Brethren’s. That is they all go to a place to worship. The Brethren’s for example all meet in Aunt Flo and Uncle Al’s living room that is where they gather to preach. Also the Catholics and the Lutherans also gather but not in a living room but in a church or cathedral. Between the three religions they all worship some kind of god either it’s where they pray or listen to a sermon out of a book. The Brethren’s wait for god’s calling and then preach to each other on what they feel which is almost the same thing as just preaching. They all learn some kind of lesson which god taught them. All of the religions also celebrate holidays like Easter, or Christmas, or Feast day of St. Francis, which the Brethren’s like to celebrate. With all of that it builds the church community and makes it stronger. It brings beliefs higher and makes everybody believe.

But of course with all religions there are always areas of conflict. There are not all that much differences between the Catholics and the Lutherans. When you compare those two religions to the Brethren religion there are a lot of differences like, the Brethren’s meet in Aunt Flo and Uncle Al’s living room. Unlike Catholics and Lutherans who gather in a cathedral or church. The two other religions are in that church with their stained glass windows and a minister or preacher dressed up in a robe giving a sermon to all the church people, which is written up in a book or bible. Also in the churches and Cathedrals there are robed people with sashes and Candles and flowers. The Brethren’s sit in a living room waiting for god’s calling and when they get it they will share with the rest of the group and tell them what god is calling. Singing hymns which they now not listening to an organ or piano while they sing it doesn’t matter to the Brethren’s how off tune they get they just sing the songs which they know from past experiences. At one time one of the older members was tempted to join Lutheranism but was turned away when he was outside the cathedral watching what was happening on the inside. But he didn’t like how the preacher was dressed up in a robe reading stuff out of a book. With all these candles and other stuff. He also didn’t like that he read the sermon out of a book. Where he believes that the sermon should come from inside of you so god knows that it was from truly your hart. He turned away because of all the stained glass windows and candles so he did not like the idea, which was given to him by the Lutherans. They’re maybe a lot of differences between all of the religions but they are all kept together by the one and only god. With out god these would all be totally opposite religions. But everyone had there own beliefs that is why there are so many different religions. The Lutheran religion and the Catholic religion are very similar. They all connect to the Brethren religion but not in a similar ways. But they are all religions and it is up the people what religion they want to be a part of. All the religions have there own beliefs. The Brethren’s are a lot of different beliefs like wait for the fall of god and not singing from hymnals or with an organ or piano. But the Sanctified Brethren belief is a very small but powerful belief that only the Brethren people and god know about. How The Brethren Religion Compares To Others.


Keillor, Garrison “Born Among The Born Again”, American Voices 3rd Edition Dolores LaGuardia, Hans P. Guth. California; Mayfield Publishing Company 1998, p. 47


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