My Gym Essay Research Paper The gym

My Gym Essay, Research Paper

The gym that I would build will be equipped with everything needed to

ensure the best possible workout. My gym would be constructed next to the

hills. I would make sure that there is a little pathway paved through the hills

so that the members of my gym can jog through their when ever they want

and at the same time they can enjoy the beautiful scenery, get fresh air (which

is important), and have the advantage of jogging up hills as oppose to a


The most important thing to me would be the safety of my clients.

Regarding this matter, I would make sure there are stand-by paramedics to

take care of any injured clients. I will also have many people trained to give

massages for people who have pulled a muscle or who are sore. Every one of

my clients will be required to take a class on safety, like how to use the

equipment and the precautions that must be taken while training. Another

class will be offered every week on basic health, proper foods and drinks that

should be consumed, hygiene, vitamins, etc. will be discussed (this class will

not be required).

My gym will also include a sanna. Here you can relaxed and just sweat

off your extra weight while enjoying a friendly conservation with someone (

their will be separate sannas for men and women). I will also have bathrooms,

of course, and showers for people who want to freshen up after a big workout

because personal hygiene is very important. I will also have an air conditioner

that will constantly blow oxygen through each room to ensure my clients best


A bar will also be available. Here clients will be able to get a healthy

shake, juice beverage, sports drink, or just plain water. Many of these drinks

will include vitamins and agents that are essential for the most beneficial

workout. I will also have a salad bar with a wide variety of vegetables and

dressing to choose from incase people get hungry.

Last, but most certainly not least, I will include the gym equipment. I

will include the following: seated extention and curl which will workout the

lower arm muscles. A leg extention will be put in to workout the leg muscles.

A standing calf and step up machine will be included so you can get bigger

calves (this is great for basketball athletes who want to increase their jump

height). A seated bicep machine will also be available for people who want to

get bigger biceps of course. Also included is a seated tricep machine for

clients who want to work out their tricep muscle. I will also put in a lat pull

down machine, this allows you to workout your shoulder muscles. Also

available will be a pec-dec which will workout the pectoral muscles. Clients

will also be able to use a deltoid raise machine that will let them increase their

deltoid muscle size. Finally included is a neck machine so my member will

have an opportunity to workout their neck muscles. All the equipment I have

listed are pictured on the last page in order from left to right.


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