Jerry Seinfeld

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SeinLanguage by Jerry Seinfeld is a book filled with all of Jerry’s thoughts, views, and opinions on the things we do in life. The book has all of his annoyances and pet peeves. Instead of describing his life he discusses life in general in a comedic way. Some of the things he talks about are, personal maintenance, traveling, jobs and careers. He reflects on each subject with different situations and is always ready to tell a joke.

Jerry feels that no matter what, we are always doing something to improve our hygiene, looks, etc. He says that, “the human body is like a condominium apartment. The thing that keeps you from really enjoying it is the maintenance.” He also thinks that women go to maintenance extremes. He wonders about the fact that, “a woman could pour hot wax on her legs, rip the hair out by the roots, and still be afraid of a spider.” He also believes that smoking is one of the most ridiculous things he has ever seen because it’s actually like putting fire in your mouth! Most of all, Jerry hates clothes! He hates to take the time to buy them, the hassle to get them, the sales, coupons, and everything else.

Jerry enjoys traveling by many different forms of transportation. What fascinates him about automobiles is the fact that you are moving but you’re not, and you’re inside but outside at the same time. He is not afraid of flying, but has many complaints about the experience. He says that, “everything on planes is very tiny. There’s always tiny food, tiny liquor bottles, tiny pillows, a tiny bathroom, a tiny sink, and tiny soap. Everyone’s in a cramped seat, working on a tiny computer. There’s always a “small” problem, there will be a “slight” delay, we’ll be a bit late, if you can be a little patient.” This is just one of the many complaints Jerry has about traveling.

Jerry is very interested in the many jobs and careers people choose to take in their life. Some of the professions he finds weird or interesting are, lawmen, medical occupations, and of course, entertainers. He believes that lawyers are nothing but the people who know the rules of the country. Everyone else is just, “people throwing the dice, playing the game, moving our pieces around the board. But if there is a problem the lawyer is the only one who has actually read the inside of the top of the box.” Anything that involves medicine, Jerry finds confusing. Why are the forms so long? Why do people always recommend their doctor to you? “And why does the pharmacist have to be two and a half feet up above everybody else?” Jerry also thinks that Las Vegas is still the ultimate entertainment experience. Someone takes you to your room, and tells you how to use the TV. You turn on the TV and there’s someone who tells you how to play the games. You go downstairs and play the games then go outside where there’s a girl who tells you how to go to your room again. The cycle keeps going until you run out of girls, games, or money, and then you go home.

As you can see, Jerry has quite an imaginative mind, and is always ready to share his opinions. After his hit TV show “Seinfeld” went off the air in May of 1998, Jerry has been relaxing and doing stand-up comedy shows. The future holds many possibilities for Jerry as he is always willing to try just about anything!


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