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Faded Glory Essay Research Paper Faded Glory

Faded Glory Essay, Research Paper

Faded Glory

Hatred between two people who once thought they would spend their entire lives together, the separation of what once was thought of as the perfect family, a financial burden for a person who once considered themselves well off. Divorce is known for its power to rip apart even the most picture perfect family. The idea of living alone with no one to wake up to in the morning or no one to share your stories with after a hard days work. In short, divorce can seem like an eternal wreckage of everything a person ever worked for. Quite often, after signing the papers though it s realized that the high expectations of hatred and loneliness have turned into a new outlook on life. This outlook puts hope and excitement back into a before, mundane life. Those endless nights of yelling and screaming have now been replaced with a peaceful nights sleep that leads to a new day that is even better than the one before. In short, a divorce can seem like a second chance at life. There are three main areas to illustrate the positive image of divorce: new found happiness, individual freedom, and second chance at love.

The first area to illustrate the positive image of divorce, as a second chance at life is ones new found happiness. Now that the worst half has been eliminated, one begins to realize that they have the time to do the things they like to do. No more, Honey could you clean the kitchen for me. or Honey could you run to the grocery store for a few things. Now ones new life consists of, Can I get you another beer. and all you can eat buffets. No longer does the new bachelor have to come home early so he can get a good nights rest to help provide for his beautiful bride. Nights now consist of hanging out with old friends and telling stories of when they were young and wild. That new car also helps to raise the spirits that the beautiful bride said was too expensive and not economical. In short, the now single guy is a tight- ropewalker without the net.

The individual freedom is the second area used to illustrate this positive image as a second chance at life. This means no more waiting thirty minutes for the bride to get beautiful, just to go eat at Wendy s, or having to stay up all night because she caught a cold. Now each person does what they want, when they want to do it. Spur of the moment decisions now rule the life that used to be so well planned. As an individual, deciding not to come home at night is o.k. No one will even notice the absence, except maybe for your new found best friend, Pete, and he s just a dog. In short, he is a loose cannon that can be aimed any direction.

The third area used to illustrate this positive image of divorce as a second chance at life, is a persons second chance at love. Now that the ball and chain is gone, the freedom to stare at every beautiful woman that walks by, without getting whacked by the ever so watchful bride, has returned. After all, how is one to find their real true love if they don t stare a little bit. Now that the second chance to find that special someone has been given, he or she will be sure to choose more carefully in the future. Next time thinking, Am I sure this is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with? will cross the mind, that before based a relationship on how good a girl looked in a bathing suit. In short, remember that looks aren t everything.

For the most part divorce has a negative image, but in fact divorce really does have more positive images than negative ones. For the most part divorce fits in the three positive images new found happiness, individual freedom, and second chance at love. Divorce helps end the never-ending headache, given by the bride that was once thought of as the one. The constant thought of living a miserable life or doing the deed gives a feeling of, Faded Glory.