Presidency 2 Essay Research Paper There are

Presidency 2 Essay, Research Paper

There are currently eight candidates running for the United States Presidency. Even though there are eight running, there are only two that are most likely to win. These two are Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush. The election all depends on what the candidates debate about and where they stand on the issues. Among these issues are abortion, agriculture, campaign finance, reform, civil rights, defense, economy and taxes, education, energy, health care, international policies, and social security benefits.

Among these issues, the most important one to me would have to be the issue of defense. Gore supports a policy of “forward engagement”. This includes a limited missile amount that would not effect the relationships with Russia. Also, he supports use of the Quadrennial Defense Review which would form military strategy for times of war.

Also, he supports the funding for military and technological advancement. He supports the increase in defense spending and the transformation of the military into the needs of the 21st Century. He approves of the budget increase and providing adequate housing and medical care for the nation s military personnel. As a sort of retirement funding, military personnel who retire will be covered for all prescription drugs. He wants to drive in private sector technologies and also wants to bring in the best technologies capable in the defense system.

Bush on the other hand supports the development to create a Strategic Defense Initiative and which would cancel out our ABM treaty with Russia. He would pay 1 billion dollar increase to military pay and would add an additional $20 billion on defense post Cold War systems.

Overall, I would vote for Gore. Although I do not approve on all of his issues, Bush seems to be one of the stupidest men on the planet to me. He wants to gamble with our money and will most likely start a war with Russia and create a WWIII. On the other hand, Gore reminds me of a dead corpse but yet he would take care of our future. He will take care of social security and defense benefits while not harming other countries.



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