Treasure Island Essay Research Paper Character of

Treasure Island Essay, Research Paper

Character of Interest

My favorite character in Treasure Island is captain Long John Silver. This character

really stood out to me. The reason being that he was a very respected and or feared pirate among

everyone that knew him. He had a very complex personality, at first he seemed to be the kindest

person is the whole book, but later he really reveals what he is capable of and you soon learn it is

really a act.

Long John Silver is a very hard man to understand. It?s very hard to even describe him. He

could be very friendly and nice, which he looked like. He had lost his leg above the knee so he

hobbled around on a crutch, which he could move around remarkably good, he dressed in your

average seamen clothes, thick sea cloth pants with a button up shirt and a tri-corner hat with the

only one he trusted perched on his shoulder, his parrot he named Captain Flint. He really looked

to be a friendly old man. But he was much more than he appeared, he was evil enough to kill

someone for looking at him wrong. And if you met someone like him on the street, you would

never think he could do the things he did. And yet his fellow mates gave him more respect then

the Captain Smollett or anyone else, I believe much of it came from fear though, if you weren?t a

close friend of his you could have much to fear from him.

First of all, this pirate changes from a proud captain, to a beggar. When the real captain

(Captain Smollett) hires Long John Silver as the ship?s cook he seems very kind and respectful, in

fact he even picks the hole crew for the Hispaniola (later to his advantage he finds out). When

Jim Hawkins meets him he treats Jim as his he was his own grandson, and shares his stories and

experiences with him, which is usually uncommon for a pirate to be so kind, he tells Jim he

reminds him of himself as a young lad. In fact Long John owns a pub in Bristol, England, and he

sees a man run out the door with out paying for his rum, instead of running outside firing guns

down the street at him he ask one of his fellow sailors to chase him down and get his pay, which I

expected him to ask to get his throat slit.

But later Long John organizes a mutiny and plans to take over the ship so that they are to

find the treasure. And when they are ashore he single handily kills ever loyal man aboard and

assumes position of captain and leader of the mutineers. And during the end when his plans for

treasure are lost, and every man on his side is either dead or lost on the island he swallows his

pride and does his best to please everyone hoping they won?t abandon him on the island, which I

couldn?t believe, I thought he would tell them to go to hell rather then answer to them. So he acts

differently, but he thought the same, I know if he had a chance he would kill them all in the night.

So he really doesn?t change at all.

I don?t really believe that I connect or related to this character at all. He lived in a

completely different time than me and has done things I only know of from stories like this. But

there was one thing I did admire about him, that was that he always keep his word. Even when he

makes a bargain with his enemies he had a chance to shoot and kill them in the back, but he

didn?t, even though it was his second goal of the book was to kill them he made a promise to let

them go safely, and he did.


The main theme of Treasure Island is that crime doesn?t pay. Long John Silver lost his

entire crew, some at by his own hand, trying to get the treasure. And ended with nothing

compared to what he thought he was going to. He had this master plan to organize to take over

the ship, obtain the treasure map, find the treasure, steal the ship for him and his men, planning to

leave Captain Smollett and his crew dead or alive on the island. And then leave with a life time

worth of fortune for him and his mates. But in the end he was alone with his enemies, hoping that

they would not leave him stranded on the island with only a few of his old mates the mutineers,

which by now would of killed him with the first chance they got, and they would of left him there

if not they felt they owed him something for protecting the life of Jim Hawkins, the young boy

that he had taken quite a liking to and on the island and during the sail to the island, from the

mutineers. And if he hadn?t saved Jim?s life he most likely would of been brought back to Bristol

in England where he would of stood trial and would of most certainly hung for is crimes against

Captain Smollett and the rest of the crew. Even though he did save Jim they still would of put him

on trial, but say a few things in his own defense.

Secondly, being that Long John Silver had no intention have standing trail during the way

back they stop to get supplies for the rest of the way home to England. Later they find out as

they prepare to leave of England Ben Gunn informs them that Long John Silver was gone. Ben

Gunn himself helped him to escape in a shore boat. Doing that saving their lives if Long John

Silver had stayed aboard. But that was not all. John Silver had not gone empty-handed. For Silver

had cut a hole in the wall had taken a sack of coins aboard with him.

Lastly, even though Long John had gotten away with mutiny and murder. What he was

really after was treasure. And he ended up with only enough money to get him home. When he

could of had a life time of leisure, but he also could of hung at the gallows for his crimes. So I

suppose he actually broke even, he wasted a lot of time, effort, and even risked his life. For really

nothing. When he would of been ahead to stay at home and at his pub drinking rum all day and

talking with his shipmates.


In the story of Treasure Island I noticed two forms of conflict. Man vs. Man, and Man

vs. Himself. Though there two forms of conflict it takes place during the whole book. It seems

that every one has a form of conflict. Long John Silver battles the mutineers and the captains crew

through the entire story. Jim Hawkins doesn?t have much of a conflict between any one really, but

he does in self not knowing to what side to be on, but most of his problems are cause by others

men. And Dr. Livesey and the Captain battle John Silver and the mutineers through out the story.

It?s almost through out the book that John Silver has only plans to look out for himself

and maybe Jim. I doubt that if his plans would of worked out he would of shared the treasure with

his shipmates at all. He always has someone that would do anything to get a chance to kill him,

but being an sailor he has learned to always have something to fall back on. For example later in

the story the mutineers vote him out as captain. And to win them over he acts as if he has keep

and plans to use Jim as a hostage, and then they cheer his name.

Secondly, Jim Hawkins battles his self to wether what side he should choose. The

captain?s side, or Silver?s side. In the story he has a chance to jump over a fence and run off with

Dr. Livesey, but he had earlier promised Silver that he wouldn?t run off. And he keeps that

promise. But in the end he really doesn?t choose any side, but ends up on the captain?s side. He

also has physical battles with another pirate aboard the Hispanola. Which he almost loses his life

fighting him, but later comes out all right.

Captain Smollett and Dr. Livesey battle Long John and the mutineers during the story.

Whether it was trying to out smart each other or trying to kill each other. This is the main form of

conflict throughout the book. These two groups of men trying to kill each other over the treasure

left there many years ago by another great pirate captain.


As told by Jim Hawkins many years later at the age of seventeen.

One day a rough looking man came to the ?Admiral BenBow? inn in Bristol, England

carry a medium sized sea chest behide him. He came in and asked for a cup of rum. He drank it

asked if any rooms were vacant My father said yes and the old seamen handed him a fourpenny.

he stayed there for much time only drinking rum all day and taking brief walks at noon and

morning with his telescope looking at the opening of the port and the sea beyond. one day he

called me over and asked me to look out for a man with one leg, and if every day I keep watch for

him he would give me a fourpenny every other week. I did, but he never paid me more than twice

maybe, even when I asked he would glare me out of the room.

One day a man came in to the inn and they talked nice out first later the visitor ran out

while the captain (as we were told we could him by) nearly missed him with his cutlass. Then

maybe a week later I was out side when a crippled man came and asked me to take him to the

captain, now I saw he was blind with a cloth covering were looked to be where his eyes should of

been. He squeezed my arm tight as I lead him to the captain. When we got to him the captain did

not express much. He handed the captain a small piece of paper with a black spot on it and said

?You have to ten o?clock to give it up, then we?ll be back.? the crippled men left tapping his stick

on the rock road. The captain stood up ?Ten o?clock ay, were show them,? he yelled ?it?s six

now, that?s four hours we have.? then he fell to the floor ?Rum, I need rum,? he mumbled. And

those were his lasts words, the captain had been struck dead by a stroke. I told my mother and we

search for what they might want of his only belongings. We ran to the room where he sleep, and

in the chest we found some money, which my mother took for he owed us, and a map wrapped in

oil cloth. We began to head to the doctor?s to tell him of the captain, when we heard men run up

on horse back, we hid and watch as they destroyed our inn yelling ?Not here,? and ?It?s gone,

someone?s, got it,?. Then Dr.Livesey rode with many other man firing out the group of men.

I went with them to town and told them of what have happened, we then all (the doctor

and captain smollett, really the town officials) looked at the map and concluded it was a treasure

mao and said to be Captain Flint?s (famous pirate captain) treasure. We were able find a good ship

and found a man that seemed to be well connected, and even offered to be the ship?s cook (he

was missing a leg now I learned he was probaly the man the capatin at the inn told me of). He was

even able to find entire ship crew that he said was well experience and he knew everyone of them

personally. We set sail the next day for the island only then telling the crew of the mission. I was

able to befriend the ship?s cook which he told me I could call him Long John Silver, he told me of

all the adventures he had and treated me very nicely. But one day I was going to get an apple out

of the barrel when I had to crawl in because the apples were so far down. Then I heard two men

walk in talking, I listened carefully and then I heard them talk of taking over the ship once they

were on the island. When they left I quickly ran and told the ship?s officers of what I have heard

and we all agreed that they should not let the ship?s crew find out that we knew of they plans of

mutiny and obtaining the treasure. When we landed the ships crew acted very excited to be there,

I assume because of there plans to take over the ship. But the ship?s officers stayed aboard while I

went with Silver and the rest of the crew to explore the island and have some fun, forgetting what

was amist. And when I got to the island I remembered of there plans and quickly separated from

them, Long John called for me many times but I still stayed in the woods.

When I was walking through the woods I stumbled upon a ragged old man, I talked long

with him and learned that he had been abandoned there by his crew. I stayed with him for quite a

while until I found the officers fort.

Now the story switches points of view from Jim Hawkins to Dr. Livesey because

they are two different locations not knowing of each others actions.

Knowing of their plans to take over the ship and certainly kill us we hurried ashore to find

Jim Hawkins. We were unable to find him though and decided that being that they had more then

four times our number of men we couldn?t hold the ship so we started to build a block house,

maybe 30 ft. by 30 ft. with a strong wood fence surrounding it made of logs and could not be torn

down without time or labor with no door or gate so the only way in would be to climb over. The

block house was made of logs with openings cut in the side to shoot out of if needed. We joined

the captain back on the ship where the mutineers had left only three pirates to look after. We told

them we had to take some things aboard, they asked no question for they felt we knew of their

plans, we mostly took rifles, lead, powder, pork, water, and a few medical supplies. As we got

close to shore we saw that there was much movement of the ship. Then a loud boom, a huge

splash just behind the boat, for they have been loading the cannon and had plans that we weren?t

gone to make it to shore. Just as we had punched the surf our gig boat had (small wooden paddle

boat used to travel back and forth to ship and shore) fallen apart under us. They have it us with a

cannon ball. I was standing in waist deep water but out supplies was three feet under the surface,

we grabbed what we could and ran for the cover of the woods. Captain Smollett turned and shot

at them but his rifle did not fire, it had gotten wet in the commotion of our boat sinking, I turned

and fired and believe I may of wounded one. They followed me to the fort where we settle and

built a fire to cook on. Before we got to far ahead of ourselves me and the captain went to get the

supplies left in the surf. When got all of it with no trouble for we were quick in getting it and

getting back to the block house. When we returned we hung our counties color and feed the fire

enough to cook on. As we were eating he heard the big gun go of. Then a ball punched though

the roof and sank partly into the sand. None of us seemed to mind though for it didn?t do much.

But we were much in surprise of how they we able to shoot at us being so far away. It was

getting dark so the smoke was not very visible from so far away. For we were atop a hill part but,

surrounded by trees. Then we relized it was the flag they were aiming at. No one was in favor of

taking down our colors but by this time there were many shots outside the fort and only one

inside. But no one was also in favor of getting haled by cannon balls thought the rest of the night

until it was dark enough to see us. So we agreed to take it down until later. We took turns

taking guard all night though.

We all awoke not too early. But it wasn?t noon before gun shots started haling from the

woods. We returned fire and hit many, then they tries to climb the fence, but we stoped many

from climbing over, soon they stoped. We had lost no men but the captain was wounded. A bullet

barely scraped the side of his head above the ear. The doctor quickly helped him and then we

noticed that Officer Hunter was dead in the corner. He was shot in the chest, we quickly buryied

him. When we returned Jim Hawkins had climbed over the fence.

Later that afternoon Silver waved a white flag as he came over the fence. he had othered

them a bargain, they would give him control of the house, turn over the map, and help him with

his sick. They said they no and Silver went on his way.

The story now goes back to Jim Hawkins point of view

I had all ready told him of Ben Gunn and they believed that he could be of service to them.

So that night I snuck out of the fort and started to look for Ben Gunn. I was unable to find him

but in the I was able to find his homemade boat. I got in and started paddling back around the

island being safer then walking with the mutineers around the woods and drunk. But then I saw

the Hispanola and decided that I would try to capture the ship. First I cut the anchor lose I got

aboard to a wounded man from a drunken fight where he had killed a man. I help him and told I

was captain and he would help me sail the ship (somewhere safe for the mutineers). He played

along but when we landed in a small harbor he soon turned on me trying to kill me. But I was

armed with two loaded pistol and killed him and threw him in the harbor where I could see his

body on the bottom.

Then returned to the house where I learned that the mutineers had control of and they

also had the treasure map. Why they the officers accepted his his trade I don?t know. But the next

day we left for the treasure me following behind by a leash that Silver held. When we got to

where the treasure was buryed there was only a hole in the ground. The pirates soon started

arguing with Silver and right before Silver was ready to fight them all. Shots rang out from the

woods and three out of the six pirated fell dead. Silver and I turned to see that the captain and the

doctor were behind with rifles. They soon informed was that Ben Gunn had found the treasure

and had moved it to a cave where he stayed. So we walked to his cave to see a huge mound of

treasure, coins, diamonds, and gold. Then as we prepared to leave, Silver was doing his best to

please everyone hoping that they wouldn?t leave him on the island. The next day we left, we did

however leave some supplies for the other three mutineers on the island. As we left we saw them

standing on a point screaming not to leave them. We informed them of the cave and sailed on,

one of them shot at Silver and a bullet wizzed over his head. We stoped at port to get supplies

and a small crew of men to help them on there way home. Ben Gunn them told us that he had

helped Silver get away to shore with a sack of coins to help him on his wondering on his way

home to his wife and family somewhere. For I?m sure his chances of comfort in another world are

very small. Us, well each of us got 3,000 pounds and. Ben Gunn spent or lost all of his in weeks,

but was given a job as a gatekeeper and sings in his church choir, people think of him as some

what of a joke though. Captain Smollett retired and is now a grandfather to his family. Dr.

Livisey is still a doctor in Bristol but now with a family. But nothing would ever take me back to

that terrible island.

The End


The best thing I think I liked about Treasure Island is that something was always

happening. There never was really a dole moment or a time where I thought I knew what was

gonna happen next. And if I thought I did I was soon proved wrong. And one thing I really like

was that in the middle of the book when Jim Hawkins and Doctor Livesely were separated instead

of just picking one to write about he choose both points of the story and includes them both in

the book. It?s more of a book of action then words or stories. I really can?t think of any dislikes I

had about the book, I?m sure that there must of been some but I can?t think of them being it was

such a good written and laidout book.

Someone I think would enjoy this book is some one that enjoys stories of actions. When

stories delevop from actions rathers then someones feelings. Some books are based more on how

people act and change. For me actions speak louder then words, show how a character feels, not

tell me. So this book would diffenitly be for those that are interest in action and excitement


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