Ethnic Restaurants Essay Research Paper Ethnic RestaurantsI

Ethnic Restaurants Essay, Research Paper

Ethnic Restaurants.

I always wondered to the fact that United States of America doesn’t have a unique culture. In fact it is the world’s most multicultural country. The country has a lot of different cultures, and not one is similar to the others. No culture is better or worse than another. As we all know, every culture has its own traditions and holidays. In my essay I will discuss restaurants with traditional kitchen. However, those restaurants are not regular ethnic places to eat but restaurants that are being run by different ethnic group. First, I will take a look at Japanese restaurant, which owned by Hasidic Jewish. In addition, I will discuss French cousin owned by Russian immigrant.

The first ethnic restaurant that I visited was Kosher Japanese restaurant. This restaurant located in a Sheepshead Bay of Brooklyn. No particular ethnic group surrounds area of this restaurant location. Upon my arrival it was not busy, so I had plenty of time to interview manager. He was Jewish, I figured that by yamaca on the head. The first question I addressed was Why kosher Japanese restaurant? Why not any regular kosher place to eat great food? It was not a question of curiosity, taking into consideration that Jewish people eat only those sea inhabitants that have fish scales. As we all know most of Japanese food are made of, at least partly, of sea inhabitants without fish scales. So, I was wondering if restaurant have profits. Surprisingly, the manager informed me that business is profitable as never before. Since he is a Hasidic Jew, he knows how community loves seafood. Manager also explained success of this place is in a fact that there are not too many kosher Japanese restaurants around Brooklyn and customers, mostly Hasidic Jewish, have no other choice but this restaurant. Manager also introduced me to Japanese employee who, as I understood help them run business, including training hasidic cook. This fact came up to be very important, since kosher food can only be prepared by Jew. Japanese employer told me that he is very grateful that Japanese restaurants are very popular and especially when it is owned by Hasidic Jew or any other non-Japanese owner. I also learned that all dishes approved by rabbi. After a great conversation I had some sushi and then moved on to the next ethnic restaurant.

Another restaurant I visited that evening was French cousin owned by Russian immigrant. The name of this place is Gambrinus and it is located in the center of New York Russian immigration, Brighton Beach. All employees, from busboy to owner, are Russians. I have been visiting this restaurant for 4 years now, however, I never asked myself a question, why Russian would open French cousin restaurant on Brighton Beach. There are about a hundred restaurants occupying Brighton Beach. Complete answer to my question I received from owner, Eugene. It all started ten years ago when he was visiting his friend in France. They traveled around France and visited a lot of interesting and wonderful places including French restaurants. Eugine loved the food, especially such unusual dishes for Russian as frogs (add more). Upon his arrival back to New York he invested all his capital into his dream restaurant. Almost ten years passed since Russian community of Brighton Beach enjoys French cousin. Bartender advised me that customers even dress differently comparing to when they go to regular Russian restaurant. One customer told me that Eugene s French food is tastier and dishes are bigger than in any other French cousin. That means a lot to owner and his employees, people appreciate food and place in general. At the end of my visit I had a good dinner (add dishes) accompanied by the music of French super singer Patricia Katz.

As my fieldwork showed, multiculturalism in United States is growing, people getting to know each other s culture better. Multiculturalism is generating a lot of interest among concerned people in the United States. In my opinion, private sector is focusing more time, money and energy in the spread of each other s traditions, in my case restaurants. Beneficiaries of such interacting will be the United States and all people who live here


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