Stream Of Thought Essay Research Paper Ever

Stream Of Thought Essay, Research Paper

Ever wonder what a football player is thinking before or during a game? You might be surprised to know that football is not the only thing on his mind. Sure, they think of strategy and game plan, but numerous other thoughts go through their heads.

WEEK 3: ECR at Canoga Park

I had just come out of the game, we had just scored another touchdown and we are know winning forty-eight to seven, and God am I ever so hungry. I was wondering what I was going to eat. Should my group of buddies and I go to taco Bell or Carl?s Junior. We eat burgers every day, so we should probably go to Taco Bell. Without answering my own question, I was back on the field for another series of plays. Four minutes later I was off the field again, still hungry. I never noticed my left pinkie is longer than my right one, does that mean they are deformed? There goes the whistle, it?s the fourth quarter, twelve more minutes and we can go home as winners.

When I came off the field I questioned my life. What if I died at this very second. Would I be happy with my life? What would my parents do? I think my life is pretty fulfilling for a sixteen year old Californian high school student. I made the varsity football team, I got my drivers license, and I even got my Mom a gift on her birthday, it?s been a good life so far. How about my parents? They will be devastated by my death. Their youngest son, dead. All their hopes for me, gone. OH NO! Mrs. Park told us to read another story and I still have to finish my essay from the other day, what shall I do? I guess I have to cancel my date, in order to spend Sunday watching football on TV. I see my friends in the stands, goofing around as usual. I wish they could see me playing, but they are to busy having fun and talking to girls. Wish I could be in the stands. I hope I don?t have to sit next to a fat guy on the bus for the ride home, I am really tired and want a seat to myself.

There is the final whistle, the game is over and we won! That is three in a row for El Camino. We beat Canoga Park fifty-five to seven, what a slaughtering. I am still hungry.


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