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Divine Command Essay, Research Paper

Divine Command

In my opinion, trying to differentiate between the Divine Command and the acts of God that impinge on one’s consciousness is one in the same. Divine command to me would basically be the entire Holy Bible. An act of God to me is just waking up in the morning and being able to breathe new air and live another day. Whenever I hear a voice in my head I just consider that God is telling me something and that what he is telling me is a divine command. For example, if I am at the point where I am ready to say something cruel, I sometime get a thought on my head that tells me to be nice and polite and treat someone as I would like to be treated. The stimuli which impinges my consciousness when I am thinking of doing wrong is God telling me to consider what I am about to do is wrong. However, just because I hear these voices does not mean that I am going to obey what it says. I am not perfect and sometimes the situation warrants an unfavorable action, but for the most part, I do try and listen to the voice of God and his Divine command.

Divine command and the act of God varies religion by religion and from person to person. I do not think that there is a set difference between the to in my opinion, but other people may feel differently. When I am in the process of doing wrong and I hear that voice inside my conscious, I imagine God speaking to me. It may be that I am just thinking the consequences myself and that it is just my morals speaking, but I am a firm believer that God is within each and every one of us, and he is trying to guide us to do good. I think that even a serial killer has God inside of him. Even though his actions prove otherwise, God still loves him and will forgive him because that is why his only son Jesus died on the cross. So when I go against that tiny voice that I hear occasionally, I am disappointing my creator, but he will forgive me and still loves me.

In my opinion, Divine command is all the preaching’s of Jesus and all divine command is held within the Bible. So with this in mind, the voices that I hear that tell me to do good are held in the Bible which is the word of the lord. In my opinion, there is no way that I can differentiate between divine command and an act of God because they are one in the same.


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