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Frankenstein Essay, Research Paper

Reading Response on Frankenstein

When reading Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, I found myself having a hard time understanding it. I also found it hard to stay motivated to read it. I was really disturbed by the thought of bring someone back in the way Victor did. As being one of the people who’d lost a loved one, it was hard to imagine them coming back in the way the novel described. I was impressed and amazed that at the age of 18 years old; Mary Shelley was able to right such an incredible novel. It made me think of what experiences and powers of imagination led to such an innovative and disturbing work? I know that she and others, read a lot of other horror stories that made her want to write her own, however, why on technology and death. I did some research to find that her mother died during her childhood, as well as she had a miscarriage. This helped me understand the reason for the book, which is her concern for the future. She used this novel, to prepare us for what the future may hold. However, the question should be asked is Mary Shelley for Frankenstein or against Frankenstein? We see her admiring, excusing, as well as condemning Frankenstein, however, I believe this idea was something she was frightened of. I think that even though she wanted her mother and baby back, she would never want technology to bring them back, not at the cost of their unhappiness.

In society Frankenstein is considered to be the one of the greatest novels. For romance, even to be called the first science fiction novel. Why is this book so looked upon? As Victor, the main character tries to create the ‘Perfect Man,’ by sewing together body parts from other human beings, using the brain of the Professor, etc. Victor’s good intentions backfires and the only result, of this brilliant idea, is sorrow. In this novel the monster shows that hell is an internal condition, which is produced and increased through loneliness. His only salvation is the creation of a mate, his Eve. Frankenstein refers the monster to many different images we think of to be part of hell. ‘The demon’ ‘the devil’ and ‘adversary.’ In the novel, both master and creature are torn by their internal conflicts from misapplied knowledge and their sense of isolation.

I learned from this book that as much as I miss a loved; I should never want them to come back. The unhappiness that comes from this is absurd. It just causes so much more pain, which is not necessary


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