Evil In Lotf Essay Research Paper Since

Evil In Lotf Essay, Research Paper

Since the days of Adam, Eve and the serpent, society has had traces of evil even in the most perfect people. Today society is mounted with problem upon problem; essentially this supports the fact that man is inherently evil, as man’s evil is what causes the problems. The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding presents a group of British boys beached on a tropical deserted island to illustrate the malicious nature of mankind. Lord of the Flies deals with the changes the boys undergo as they gradually adapt to the newfound freedom and responsibilities in their society. William Golding s basic philosophy that society is inherently evil can be interpreted in such instances as in Simon s character, the beast within the boys, and the methods used to hunt and kill Ralph.

First, Simon and his relationship to the other boys show Golding s theory that society is inherently evil. Even in the beginning of the novel, Simon does not seem to matter to the rest of the boys; he gives suggestions that are shot down by the others. Simon’s effort fell about him in ruins; the laughter beat him cruelly and he shrank away defenseless to his seat. (Golding 89). Simon is unique because he can actually hear the voice of the beast, and discovers that there actually is no beast, but the so-called beast is inside the boys, Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill I m part of you I m the reason why it s the truth to the boys, he is mistaken for the beast and killed violently by the boys. Simon s death is not only pointless but in it he fails to inform the boys about beast, causing even more bloodshed. Lawrence S. Friedman describes the moments after Simon s encounter with the beast : Simon staggers back down the mountain with his news that the beast is harmless. But he stumbles into the frenzied mob of dancing and chanting boys who take him for the beast, fall upon him, and tear him apart (71). Simon s innocent nature is confirmed with the belief of many critics that he represents Christ. Simon is the Christ figure of the book and the voice of revelation, he consistently reveals a kindness that no one else seems to possess whether it be through his comforting of Ralph, offering of food to Piggy, or getting fruits for the younger children (Babb 24). Simon is similar to, but fails as a Christ figure because of the boy s evil causing them to kill him for no reason at all. Throughout the book, Simon is seen as innocent and weak, but is the only boy that finds the true meaning of the beast but is killed before he could expose the truth.

A big part of Lord of the Flies is the beast. William Golding believed that savagery was always in mankind, but need the proper situation to come out and cause a transformation of even the most innocent of us, the beast is an example of such a thing. The beast goes through many transformations from the creepers to the parachutist. [I]t (the beast) goes from being a nightmare in some little boy’s dreams in the beginning of the novel to something very real that requires sacrifice if one is to be safe (Michel-Michot 175).


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