Should Exams Be Obolished Essay Research Paper

Should Exams Be Obolished Essay, Research Paper

Exams. The word that most student fear off. Exam is a part of school life that all students have to go through. There are advantages in exams that are held in school. But there are people who think that exams give more disadvantages to the students. Even though some people say that exams should be abolished because they encourages cramming, I believe that they should not be abolished because exams are the only way for teachers to get feedback from their students build high moral standards and discipline in the students, and gives pressure that will be useful later in the life for the students.

Some people say that exams should be abolished because they encouraging. One type of cramming is last-minute study. Because of this, the students cramming will have to put aside his or her social life, have to sacrifice their sleep and even worse the students will be in great pressure and tension. Well, I think, they are wrong because cramming is a part of study method. If a person has a good study

Method such as keeping in touch with the books everyday, he or she don’t have to study last minute. If they have a good study method, they will surely get enough sleep, free from pressure and tension because they know that they are ready for the exam. And, at the same time the students can have their social life and study at the same times. Therefore, exam does not encourage cramming. It is the student’s mistake not to have a good study method.

First of all I think that the exams should not be abolished because through exams, the only way for the teachers to get feedback from the students. To ensure that the students understand what the teacher had taught, the exams are held. So through the exams the teacher can categorize the smart students and the weaker students because not all are born smart. At the same time the teachers can find a solution to help the weaker students to improve themselves by giving more attention towards them. So without the exams there is no way for the teachers to help the weaker students to improve. Our country, Malaysia, is a developing country and need a lot of intellectuals in the future. To ensure Malaysia’s vision to become a developed country, exams are important to produce more intellectuals.

Furthermore, through exams the students can build their self discipline and

Encourages moral standards. A student can build his or her self-disciplines when he or her knows the important of the exams. So as a result they will start studying earlier without waiting for the last minute. Some may even put aside their social life for a certain period. This shows that the students are well disciplined because

They can control themselves. When the students know their priorities, they will be well disciplined and the moral values come automatically to the students. When the student is very well disciplined they become more mature and know what is good and bad for them. So the exams prepares the student to be a well disciplined person with good moral values.

Even though, exam causes pressure to the students, the exams should not be abolished. This is because if we look at it from the positive side there is some good values in the pressure given by the exam towards the students. The pressure will make a student a more mature person in the future. This happens when he or she enters the working world where he or she has to finish their jobs in a certain time limit. The pressure situation that the students come across can be useful then. He or she can be more relaxed and handle the job situation easily without any pressure or disruption. He or she tend to be more relaxed during any gives pressure because they have been in exam pressure all their Lives.

All in all, we can see that exams should not be abolished. Although some people say that exams gives students a lot of difficulties, I think that they should change their mind because exams give a lot of experience for a student. The exams makes the student a self discipline person and prepares him or her for the

Future to overcome all the obstacles. At the same time exams are the

The teachers to help the weaker students to improve themselves.


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