Wuthering Hieghts Essay Research Paper In the

Wuthering Hieghts Essay, Research Paper

In the novel Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff represents a character of much

value. Heathcliff, to me, is the main character of this story. He represents

significance of true love. Although he didn’t have the patience and the values

that his brothers had, he did have love.

In the novel, Heathcliff represents a childlike character. For example,

Heathcliff acted as a child when he first met Catherine. Heathcliff

did not know how to treat a women. This shows Heathcliff’s childlike

actions. Heathcliff does not know how to begin. If Heathcliff knows

how to act in front of a lady he will capture her and take her as his

partner. The only characteristic he had was respect for her.

Heathcliff later acts as a modern adolescence. For example, Heathcliff

in hearing Catherine talking with her close friend runs away after hearing

her say that she no longer wants to be with him. Heathcliff is extremely

angry at her and runs away. In our society today adolescents don’t know

how to handle it so they run. In this case it is Heathcliff who runs away.

As soon as Heathcliff runs, Catherine runs after him. She really did

love him. The only reason she did not want to be with him is because

of his financial state. How many girls in their teens make a run for a guy

with cash? A whole lot more than adult women that’s for sure.

Later on in the story, Heathcliff grows up and comes back for

her. He finally realizes that what they have is special. In his return

he realizes that she is married and has a daughter. Catherine later

dies and Heathcliff is heart broken. Heathcliff is now a wealthy

landowner. Mr. Earnshaw visits his home and he is terribly frieghtned by

a ghost that looks just like Catherine’s daughter. Heathcliff investigates

a comes to realize that it is Catherine who is the ghost and runs after her.

Not knowing, Heatcliff runs through a window to join


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