Discrimination Against Gays Essay Research Paper discrimination

Discrimination Against Gays Essay, Research Paper

discrimination against gaysAbout ten percent of the population is homosexually oriented and discriminated against. Discrimination denies lesbian and gay individuals or couples rights in today’s society. Problems that homosexuals face on a daily basis are employment in the military, encountering issues being a couple, and acceptance among others. Concerns of homosexuals being in the military has always been an issue. It is feared that gays and lesbians will somehow endanger the country through their sexual orientation. If one’s identity is discovered, it can be used as blackmail to force one out of the military. I know from close friends, who participate in military services and are gay, follow the “Don’t ask don’t tell” statement to avoid any sort of harassment from others. Still in today’s society, the military continues to be one area of federal employment excluded from the legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual preference. Restrictions within the health care system are another form of discrimination against couples. The health care system does not recognize gay and lesbian relationships as valid. If a medical emergency were to occur one’s gay or lesbian partner would not be allowed to sign consent forms which could possibly save their partner’s life. Even visiting privileges are denied because of their homosexual relationship. Despite the wishes the of ill patient his or partner is denied visitation because the relationship they have is not a true binding contract such as marriage. For any adolescent teenager, keeping his or her homosexual identity can be challenging due to what others may say or do. Adolescents are just not supported by outside social systems. One fear or discrimination is the lack of support and acceptance from friends and family. I’ve seen first-hand discrimination within my small group of friends. My best friend Ashley came out to our friends recently and I’ve encountered various mixed reactions from several individuals. The ways they acknowledge and treat her is different than before. I try not to let their comments get to me but it did to some degree one day, so I confronted them. I really put my foot down on the matter by saying, “You were her friend before you found out about her sexuality. The least you can do is support her.” They seem to realize that she was happy about herself. My friends now greet and talk to her in a more friendly matter after I confronted them.

Homosexuals can be found in every race, religion, age group, country, state, and social group. Discrimination toward homosexuals persecute their choice of lifestyle. The issues of military employment, legal rights for couples, and acceptance within society need to resolved. Some ways to help put an end to this discrimination is to put the military services on a legislative plan prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals, allow for couples to be legally married. People need to realize that homosexuals are just like them. Homosexuals are found everywhere and are good people and need to be recognized not for their sexuality, but for who they are. by hidden143@hotmail.com


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