The History Of Skateboarding Essay Research Paper

The History Of Skateboarding Essay, Research Paper

The History of skateboarding

Skateboarding has a unique hisotry which is not well known. Altough skateboarding was invented in 1950, some say ideas for skateboards arose as early as the 1930’s. Skateboards were created on the California coast by surfers who were frustrated when there was no surf. They found they could use the same skills involved in surfing by nailing roller skates to the bottom of a plank of wood.

Skateboarding grew slowly until 1964. The first deck materials were solid oak, ash and mahogany. A problem remained concerning the wheels, which were made of metal. They would not turn easily, they were loud, and they locked when they hit a small pebble. In 1973 a man named Frank Nasworthy invented wheels made of polyurethane.

More people became interested in skateboarding as a hobby or sport. In 1965, the first skateboarding magazine premiered. The first skateboarding film soon followed, in 1966. It was called Skater Daters and it was 18 minutes long. Skate contest began soon after. Popularity died after 1969, until urethane wheels were invented in the early 70’s.

The 1970’s brought many advancements in the skateboard such as kicktails, wide trucks, 10 inch boards, radial wheels, and precision bearings. The wheel improvements are considered the most improtant contribution to the skateboard. “Today’s snowboarders and surfers use many moves of 1970’s skateboarding. But the credit should always go to the skaters of the 60’s, who started it all.” Eric Groff.

Popularity of skateboarding fell, and regrew in the 1980’s. Almost all the skate parks closed, which forced devoted skateboarders to skate in backyards on homemade ramps. Ramps developed, parts of the skateboard remained the same, and tricks greatly improved.

During the 1990’s, many advancements were brought to skateboarding popularity. Skateboarding sales dropped in 1991 for a number of reasons. 1994 brought hundreds of pros. Major improvements in skateboarding arose in 1995. Boards became bigger, and trucks were made highter.

In very recent years, skateboarding has become a sport for talented people. A skateboarding style has been created, including large clothes. Skateboarders have their own category now, and all skateboarders have a unique style. The popularity has become more consistant.

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