Buddism Essay Research Paper BuddhismReligion is one

Buddism Essay, Research Paper


Religion is one of the most controversial topics in the world today. Buddhism is one the most interesting. In today?s society, Buddhism has grown to be one of the word?s largest. Although Hinduism and Native American religions are found to be interesting, nevertheless Buddhism in my eyes is the most interesting of the three, because of the strong evidence of creed, cultus, and the uncanny.

When you approach Buddhism, you must do it with your eyes open, because of it?s diverseness of other religious studies. The creed of Buddhism is set in what is explained as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. To a Buddhist, life is suffering, and to end suffering one must extinguish all desire. This is an example of reaching a state of Nirvana. The Buddha was a man who you could say just couldn?t be satisfied. He was a man who had everything he could ever want, yet he still considered life to be suffering. In Hinduism they believe that there are multiple ways to reach the so called enlightenment. Hinduism is a religion where there is no set creed or set of beliefs that establishes it, like in Buddhism. As you can see that what works for one religion may not apply for the other. In Christianity, the beliefs are said that Jesus came to the earth and gave his life to free everyone from sins. In Native American Religions, a world of spirits is what is believed. In some instances, hallucination drugs are taken to have visions to communicate with spirits.

To reach Nirvana is the goal of a Buddhist, and if you want to end desire you must follow certain practices. A life that consists to be very simple, without the desire of unneeded material objects is the path to follow to reach Nirvana. Meditation is used in Buddhism to remove themselves from society so that they may furthermore end suffering and reach the state of nirvana. Darmah, is a concept in Hinduism, which basically means that whatever you do, make sure you do it to the best of your ability. No matter what the task is. Another important asset to Hinduism is ?Yoga?. Which is a spiritual discipline that is a method for perfecting one?s union with the divine, by meditation where you remove all thoughts of the world and achieve a balance in life. The Native American religions do not have a specific cultus that they follow as the other religions. There are uses of hallucinogenic religions so that they may enter the spirit world. But there is no specific cultus that is followed, as I see.

In these three religions there is finally a common ground on which they will meet. The Native American religions examples of the uncanny are plentiful. Once one has entered the spirit world, through their vision they will see a message that must be passed to another. They are released from the physical aspects of their body and mentally they leave to the spirit world. In Hinduism, once enlightenment occurs, which is referred to as Moksha, one is removed from all worldly goals and achieves a state of enlightenment.

And in Buddhism, it is believed that by extinguishing all desire, you must end suffering, known as nirvana. Once Nirvana is reached, the rebirth process is stopped and one exists for eternity.

As you can see, each of these religions are diverse in there own ways. Although Hinduism and Native American religions are interseting in different ways, nevertheless, I found Buddhism to be the most interesting because of its examples of creed , cultus,


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