Ballad Of The Game That I Was

Unfortunately Adicited To Essay, Research Paper

Ballad of the Game that I was Unfortunately Adicited to

Once there was a great ship

And its captain was cunning and bold

The crew, unmatched by companionship

I have learned; Enterprise was her name,

On adventurous missions they would wonder

Influencing the divisions to ponder.

Thinking twice before starting malefaction on faraway land

Anywhere and everywhere in space and times great sands

The great captain Picard he was named

Then old Q gave him a call

Showed him that his future wasn’t all that they had dreamed

The Borg, humanity they will enthrall

Great Picard, no way! He said

Humanity’s fight has begun!

With his words a coalition against them he lead

Till the time of the firing of the gun

An unbeknown catastrophe in the horizon

I Picard prepare for the worst

By collecting intelligence and data on the Borg

And alliances I will construct first

The federation must survive says I

For it would be a shame to dye

To lose individual minds to the hive

Trillions to enslave alive

Now here comes the Premonition

A ship from the future

Of Locutus and the omega particle’s location

A prediction for Picard of a doomed future

The Borg wish to confiscate the omega, said Picard

They worship it as a symbol of perfection

Hiding the omega particle from them will be futile and hard

Give me time to envision strategic action

The mission is a foot, a plan to cripple the Borg at their home center

Let them take omega and travel to their home center.

There we will follow, then hunt them down, and omegas obliteration will harm them.

Harm them to the point where they will think twice, before messing with the federation.

My plan is to move their attention on to us as the cloaked ships have omega’s obliteration done with

Once obliteration is done, the ships have to pull out through the Borg’s transwarp gate

Or else the obliteration of our lives and ships will be very done with

This is our day for the future for us to confiscate and dictate


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