JERRY MAGUIRE Essay, Research Paper


The film that I chose to do my report on is Jerry Maguire. The basic

style of music in this movie varies. There are some scenes in the movie that

plays rap music in the background. The styles of music differs from scene-to

scene. For example, at one point in the movie Jerry is in his car changing the

radio stations and some of the styles included rock, vocal, and country. It

effected the mood because Jerry was in a very happy mood and all his

problems went away, he was singing as loud as he could to get his excitement

out. The source of musical sound was both vocal and electric. An example of

electric was that he heard the songs off the radio and the vocal was that his

client was singing and playing his guitar.

The music is primarily both background and source. In some parts of

the movie they have background music to set the mood and on the other

hand, there is source music whereas someone would hear it on the radio or

make their own music. For background music, at the beginning, it is playing

softly to set that mood, or atmosphere. An example of source music was

when Jerry?s client and him were talking and he was singing and playing

the guitar. Another on-screen is Jerry is listening to the radio in his car and

he hears the music on the radio.

Most of the music in this movie was established to build the mood of

the scenes. Without the music there would be no basic mood or feeling of

what is going on. The music doesn?t really give the film continuity. I thought

that the music established the characters and what their personality is. For

example, when Jerry?s client was on the phone he was listening to rap and

dancing and screaming all around the house. That tells what his character is.

I think that the music is appropriate for the film. The music fits in

with the scenes of the movie. If there were no music in the film I don?t

think there would be any real feeling. If the mood of one part of the film

was all serious and quiet then there would be sad and low-key music and that

goes along with what is happening and sets the mood. If there were sad

music in a thrilling and exciting scene then it would ruin the whole mood of

what is going on and happening to the characters. In conclusion, without the

music in the film, it would have no feeling and would be really boring to



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